6 Creative Ideas on What to Do with Empty Face Cream Jars


For many people, what to do with empty facial cream jars is a common problem in life. Rather than just throwing these containers away, stop and think about how to put them to better use and explore a world of recycling filled with creative possibilities. Such an endeavor is not only in line with sustainable living efforts, but also provides the opportunity to inject a rich personal touch into personal spaces. As an eco-friendly DIY enthusiast, I understand the joy that repurposing brings to our lives and the importance of protecting the environment. By transforming these once single-purpose jars into new everyday gadgets. In the process we not only contribute to environmental protection, but also add creativity and vitality to our daily environment.

In this guide, we’ll dive into innovative ways to give those jars a second life. From making your own decorative items to practical uses for improving your home, these diverse ideas are designed to inspire endless possibilities of uses for empty cream jars and your imagination. Let’s embark on this repurposing DIY journey together, where every empty jar has the potential to become a delightful addition to your living space.

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Idea 1: Miniature Planters

Transforming empty facial cream jars into miniature flower pots is a delightful way to bring nature indoors. These small containers are perfect for growing succulents, herbs or small flowers to add a touch of green to your living space or desk. Arrange these mini gardens of empty facial cream bottles transformed into small vases on your dressing table or windowsill. They not only serve as elegant decorative elements, but also bring a touch of vitality and interest to boring life.

How to Create Your Mini Planter:

  • Prepare the container: Start with an original container and rinse the jar thoroughly with warm water to eliminate any traces of residue. Keep a small amount of eco-friendly cleaner on hand to ensure it’s ready for the addition of plants and flowers.
  • Lay the foundation: Deposit a thin layer of gravel or small stones at the bottom for optimal drainage, a critical step in maintaining strong plant roots.
  • Add soil and plants: Fill a jar with nutrient-rich potting soil and gently add your favorite plants inside. Try to choose succulents or petite herbs as they thrive with minimal root space and are easy to care for.
  • Inject Personality: The final step is to add some personalized details to your planter. Whether you paint the jar, decorate it with ribbon, or add a custom label, make it a unique expression of your personality.

Idea 2: Make your own menorah

Have you tried it? Empty facial cream jars that are about to be discarded can also be transformed into exquisite candle holders. They can be transformed into compact candle holders that enhance the ambience of a room. This creativity not only promotes environmental sustainability through waste reuse, but also provides a personalized touch to home decor. Make a positive contribution to reducing waste while improving your quality of life by trying this creative makeover.

Build your menorah:

  • Preparation stage: First clean the container thoroughly to ensure that it is completely free of traces of skin care products to obtain the original base for making.
  • Wax and wick configuration: Choose a wax infused with your favorite scent and secure the wick in the center of the bottom of the jar. A small amount of melted wax or glue dots can act as an effective adhesive to hold the wick in place.
  • Melt and Fill: Carefully melt the wax according to the guidelines provided and pour it smoothly into a clean jar, being careful to keep the wick upright and centered.
  • Personalization Stage: While the wax sets, take the opportunity to customize the look of your jar. Consider embellishments with spray paint, fabric wrapping, or delicate lace to create a piece that not only enhances your decor, but also reflects your personal style.
  • Lighting a candle in a custom candle holder not only illuminates your surroundings, it also infuses the room with a delightful aroma that resonates with your essence, transforming any mundane moment into one of tranquility and comfort.
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Idea 3: DIY Beauty Storage

Repurposing empty facial cream jars into DIY beauty storage containers is also a good choice. After transformation, they will become both practical and stylish. These jars can hold a variety of small beauty products and accessories to keep your space tidy and beautiful.

Organize your makeup brushes

Instead of letting your makeup brushes clutter up in your drawer, use an empty cream jar to keep them neat and upright. This not only makes it easier to choose the right brushes for your makeup application, but also helps maintain their original shape and extend their lifespan. During the DIY process, you can also add some small stones or beads at the bottom to increase stability and enrich the decorative style.

Store small jewelry

Empty cream jars can also become chic containers for storing earrings, rings or hairpins. By keeping these accessories separate, you can easily store them in categories. Adding a bit of cotton to the bottom of the jar during the remodeling process can provide a cushion for delicate items and avoid damage caused by friction during use.

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Idea 4: Customized Spice Jars

In the kitchen, empty cream jars can be transformed into your custom spice jars and take on their new role. They are small in size and most are well sealed, making them ideal for storing spices. Once labeled and decorated, they can easily match the style of your kitchen and are as functional as they are beautiful. Not only does this approach add character to your kitchen, it also supports sustainability efforts by reducing the need for new spice jars.

How to Create Customized Spice Jars:

  • Make sure it’s clean: The first step is to make sure the jar is thoroughly clean to avoid transferring any odors and impurities to the spices.
  • Get creative with labeling: Use paint pens, stickers, or small labels to clearly label and identify each spice. Not only does this add a personal touch, but it also makes it more convenient to use for everyday cooking.
  • Keep it airtight: If possible, remember to add a small piece of plastic wrap under the lid. This ensures that the spices are better sealed in the jar, keeping the spices fresh longer and reducing the possibility of spoilage.

Idea 5: Eco-Friendly Gift Packaging

Empty facial cream jars offer a charming way to package eco-friendly gifts. You can use these jars to fill your homemade body butter or aromatherapy essential oil blends, making your homemade gift unique and eco-friendly.

To Make Homemade Body Butter:

First you need to melt equal parts shea butter and coconut oil over low heat. After they melt, wait until cool. You can then add a few drops of essential oil and beat the mixture with a stick until it becomes fluffy. Finally, place the body butter into a clean, empty butter jar and it’s ready to give as a gift.

Make A Fragrance Oil Blend:

Mix a carrier oil like almond or jojoba oil with a few drops of essential oil. Choose oils that complement each other and suit the recipient’s preferences. Pour the mixture into the jar and secure the lid.

Tips for Gift Packaging:

  • Decorate the jars: Use spray paint, fabric, or ribbon to decorate the jars. Personalize it to match the occasion or the recipient’s style.
  • Add a personal note: Make your gift even more special by including a handwritten note on the jar. It reflects the thought and care you put into it.
  • Not only do these repurposed jars serve as unique gift packaging, they also highlight the importance of sustainability. By choosing to make and wrap your gifts this way, you reduce waste and provide a gift that keeps giving.

Idea 6: Office and Desk Organizers

Are you often troubled by not knowing how to store small items on your desk? Repurposing empty facial cream jars into desk organizers is a clever way to organize and simplify your work area. These containers are the perfect size and shape for sorting small, often scattered items like paper clips, elastic bands, and bobby pins. Bring order to your desk and increase productivity with the help of a repurposed empty facial cream jar.

Sorting Office Supplies

Assigning different jars to different types of office essentials makes it easy to find what you need quickly. Increase organization by using bright labels or decorative tape to identify jars. Not only does this categorical storage strategy enhance the aesthetics of your workspace, it also increases productivity by minimizing time spent searching for items.

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Eco-Friendly Practices: The Importance of Reusing

Reusing empty beauty bottles is an important step towards a sustainable lifestyle. Doing so not only reduces waste disposal, but also reduces the negative impact of our daily consumption on the environment. We all know that reducing domestic waste can effectively save resources and reduce environmental pollution. For example, recycling a single glass container can save enough energy to run a computer for 25 minutes (EPA, 2021). By exploring new uses for these discarded empty cans, we not only keep them out of landfills, but we also contribute to protecting the environment through our individual efforts.


All in all, repurposing empty cream cans is not only an act that inspires creativity, but is also an important step towards sustainability. With the six ideas shared in this article, we learn how to repurpose those jars to improve our daily lives and protect our planet. Each idea here not only provides us with practical solutions for reducing waste, but also encourages us to breathe personalized life into our personal spaces. Repurposing empty facial cream jars isn’t just a DIY project, it’s a way to live sustainably. Let us continue to explore and embrace these creative practices in our daily lives and embrace an environmentally friendly life.

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