PET Cosmetic Packaging

Polyethylene terephthalate plastics are safe, thermostable, and food-grade and have been used in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industry for years. Jarsking brings you a variety of PET plastic packaging options for cosmetic lines, allowing clients to input their creativity for custom packaging samples and display sets.

We Bring Innovative Packaging Options as a PET Packaging Manufacturer

PET plastics are easy to produce as a material for packaging cosmetic products. It is easy to customize; PET plastics are available in different dimensions and embellishments. PET is one of the safest types of plastics in the industry as it is food-grade and resistant to bacteria.


We offer design services to our clients for free for PET plastic materials. The client’s input on the design provides us with the best ideas for packaging styles. Our experts handle the clients’ input and study the trends in the target market to create the best packaging option for the product line.

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Decorating the Package to Grab the Attention of Consumers

Adding decorations and embellishments on the PET packaging brings shelf presence to any product, whether a sampler or set kit. Jarsking self-owned decoration facility, is dedicated to bringing you the best decoration options for your PET plastic packaging. We have a vast combination of options to choose from and take inspiration for a custom design.


PET plastics as packaging needs decorations for them to be unique and grabs consumers’ attention when looking into shelves. We work hand-in-hand with the client to assist them in making their own branding that will stand out on display. 

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Having the Right Pet Packaging Material for Cosmetic Products

Getting the Finest Material Is Essential for a Good Packaging

Making high-quality PET plastics requires an established supply chain for raw materials. Jarsking ensures we source our PET plastic for packaging from the best suppliers in the industry, bringing the finest materials for your product line packaging needs. Top-notch PET plastics are crucial packaging as it is exposed outside, protecting the product inside.


PET is food-grade, lightweight, and shatter-resistant, making it a suitable packaging material for cosmetic products. PET plastic is an eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic packaging option with much potential for the cosmetic industry, so having the finest PET is essential to ensure the best presentation.

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PET Bottle

Using Sustainable Materials for the Packaging of Tomorrow

PET plastic is a highly sustainable and recyclable resource for packaging material; it is remelted to be processed repeatedly, reducing waste materials. Many industries like food and medicine use PET plastic because it is food-grade and does not leak harmful chemicals in storage; with proper disposal, PET can be processed in factories and used as another product. 


Jarsking is sourcing sustainable and eco-friendly materials as our packaging option, like PET plastics, that are both presentable and harmless to the environment. Our goal is to reduce the ecological footprint by producing the best packaging material for cosmetic products.

Eye-Catching Design to Boost Product Shelf Presence

We provide brilliant and trendy designs that can increase clients’ brand awareness; having the correct color shade, ergonomic shape design, and elegant logo grabs consumer attention. Depending on the target market’s age, having additional details and printed information on the label also adds value to the product.


We have a team of experts that can help you decide on the design that expresses the best features of your product line. We are glad to receive your input to ensure to attract the right target market and establish your brand presence in the design of the containers and packaging.

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