Inspiring Designs from our Foundation Bottles Manufacturer Multiply your Profits.

Every foundation bottle can be made with our wide range of plastic and glass materials sourced from reliable suppliers that follow international standards. As such, every bottle is chemically stable and maintains the qualit of your foundation.


As your reliable foamer bottles supplier in China, Jarsking has a self-owned factory equipped with the latest technology to perform any customizations based on your requirements. Our experts offer insightful advice through their free design consultation to help you get started on making eye-catching foundation bottles for your market.

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Visualizing Clear Skin Just By Looking at Our Foundation Bottles

Revitalize your product line with personalized foundation bottle decorations, ranging from cool frosting to brightly-colored lacquiering and metallization. Along with decorating our bottles and making them fit with the latest fashion, our coating protects your bottles from scratches and stress, making them more usable when travelling.


Jarsking’s dedicated decoration facilities help customize different bottle selections to fit your desired design and appearance. With our decoration support, we help diversify your customer;s options while improving brand recognition.

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See The Options That Guide Your Premium Foundation Bottle Purchase.

How Bottle Materials Matter in Preserving Foundation Quality

Made from durable plastics and glass, our foundation bottles maintain the chemical stability of your formula while being effective barriers against heat and moisture. Choosing the right materials prevents the growth of microbes within your foundation and ensures your customer’s safety and convenience.


Jarsking is China’s reliable foamer bottles supplier and uses the latest technology to produce and test our foundation bottles to guarantee optimal performance. Our experts can help in the selection of the right plastic or glass materials based on what your foundation requies for its storage.

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Building a Foundation For a Sustainable Future With Green Materials

Jarsking offers many opportunities for your brand to build a a firm international reputation for customer and environmental care. Choosing glass materials for your foundation bottles can secure more customers in need of eco-friendly bottle options. Alternatively, we have green plastics that can be recycled and easily remade into any bottle.


With our strict auditing process, we consistently acquire only clean and green packaging materials for our foundation bottles and caps. Along with quality tests, we ensure in every stage that our materials and products are safe to use and last long, thus helping reduce waste generation.

Present the Beauty of your Foundation with Sleek Bottle Design.

Set a unique identity for your line of foundation through our rich bottle designs. Our experts provide free design consultation to discuss your options and expand on your ideas. We use CAD technology to provide 3D sketches before we start production, ensuring we have all your concerns addressed early on.


Applying Jarsking’s advanced technology and various mold processes, we produce a variety of bottle designs that appeal to customer convenience and aesthetic preferences. Combining our efforts together will result in a marketable design that touches on the needs of your region and boosts your sales.

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More than Aesthetics, Our Foundation Bottles Are Multi-Use

For tighter protection and easier application, we provide caps and pumps that enable our foundation bottles to dispense any liquid without leaving residue. Coated in black or other sleek colors, our foundation bottles improve their functionality and appeal by having ergonomic caps that are aligned to your brand’s design philosophy and various environments they can decorate.


Our mold-making facilities help in shaping a variety of pumps made from aluminum or plastic that provide tight sealing and pump that are safe for cosmetic dispensing. With our control over production, we bring custom foundation bottles and accessories at a lower price.