PP Cosmetic Packaging

Polypropylene, or PP for short, is a form of plastic packaging that is safe and approved by the FDA to be food-grade. Jarsking has various PP packaging options for our clients' cosmetic lines. Studies show that PP plastics have no carcinogenic effects, making them a harmless packaging option.

See Our Selection of Packaging Options as PP Packaging Manufacturer

Polypropylene plastics come in different shape, size, and color; it is fully customizable for cosmetic packaging for a safe and food-grade material for your cosmetic product line. We offer design services for PP plastic packaging for free. Clients are allowed to be creative by customizing their PP plastic material packaging design.

Our facilities are equipped for PP plastics packaging, bottles, and jars as stable and food-grade packaging options for cosmetic lines. Jarsking provides a selection of PP packaging designs and options for clients as a reliable cosmetic container material, providing custom designs and packaging options for any cosmetic products.

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We Have a Variety of Embellishment Options for PP Packaging

Decoration to increase brand awareness is essential for product salable capability; our self-owned decorating facility is dedicated to bringing you a wide range of decorating options suitable for any target market. Jarsking is continuing the pursuit of offering eye-catching embellishing methods for custom cosmetic containers to boost our clients’ branding.


Our variety of decoration options ensures clients have a wide selection for the packaging of their products to stand out in shelf displays in retail stores and shops. Clients can choose from classic, traditional, to trendy decorations depending on their target markets, from teens to adults Jarsking can assist you.

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Factors Crucial in Selecting PP Plastic Material Packaging

It’s Crucial to Have the Right Quality of PP Plastics

Cosmetics are used in contact with the skin, ensuring it is free from dust, away from extreme temperatures, and contained in a spill-proof vessel is the purpose of cosmetic containers. The content material must be hypoallergenic and food grade, not only eye-catching but safe to use by customers.


PP plastics have been used in many medical and food industries because they are food-safe and very pliable. In the cosmetic industry, it is widely used because it is hypoallergenic to the skin and is a durable material as a vessel for cosmetics in liquid, wax, and stick form.


We Envision Modern Production With Sustainable Materials

It is essential to choose a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable material for cosmetic containers. An excellent base material of any container, a sustainable resource, is crucial for continuous production that is not harmful to the earth.


We hold on to the principle of using sustainable materials on our cosmetic containers as we believe in taking care of our world. We offer unique cosmetic containers and eco-friendly packaging at a reasonable price. Having sustainable materials as our primary resources, like PP plastics and glass, helps reduce our ecological footprint by doing our part for the environment.

Presentation and Packaging Is Crucial for a Salable Cosmetic Line

A packaging design that captivates consumers is essential for any cosmetic product to be competitive in the market. A well-designed custom container and chic packaging will catch the attention of potential consumers and stay consistent with your theme and target market.


Jarsking can help you to possess the edge by giving a stand-out packaging design with well-designed containers that are engaging off the shelf. Innovative containers that provide product information and intelligent packaging that gives the product practicality with elegance are our aim to boost your branding. Our goal is to bring practical but impacting packaging options to the cosmetic industry.

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