Jarsking is a global supplier of hybrid packaging solutions

We have more than 10 packaging factories that can provide one-stop packaging solutions. Jarsking specializes in creating packaging products that embody the brand’s vision of beauty and aesthetic appeal for fragrances, cosmetics, and weed. In addition, our design team comprises over 30 experienced designers who have worked on designing packaging for various well-known brands.


Some Key Moments in Jarsking's Growth and Quality Assurance

For the past 20+ years, Jarsking Group has been dedicated to understanding and serving customer needs. Our relentless commitment to innovation in production and design has empowered over 10,000 brands worldwide. Our core mission revolves around crafting packaging solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.


At Jarsking, our control of product quality is very strict. We maintain a rigorous quality control system that adheres to industry standards. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our certifications, including ISO9000, BSCI, Rohs, CE, MSDS, LFGB, and REACH.

Services to Cover Your Requirements

We’d like to give you that all-important competitive edge by being ‘impressively different’. By offering a huge range of cosmetic packaging solutions, by being passionate and efficient, by being reliable and highly innovative, we turn unique visions into never-before-seen cosmetic packaging.

But that’s not all. We also offer services on demand: design-related and molding-related consulting, finishing technologies, material consulting, plus everything from lean manufacturing, logistics to out-sourcing.

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Jarsking Group Encompasses Six Dynamic Branches

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Jarsking Group

The Management Team

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Andy Shi - CEO

Andy anticipates trends and has insights of creating competitive breakthrough strategies. He communicates vision, purpose, and core values. As a strong decision maker who builds consensus, he is a consistent top performer who pursues growth with energy and drive.

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Maggie Mao - COO

Maggie champions the provision of and accessibility to the highest quality and most advanced product performance. She is dedicated to achieving optimal outcomes for cosmetic brands by focusing on evidence-based excellent innovation.


Sophie - Sales Director

Sophie brings expertise in project delivery, customer relations, and production management to our firm, which will help ensure company growth married with smooth project services for each client that we work with.

Vision & Mission Behind All


Jarking’s vision is to create a better life. Packaging is everywhere in life, we hope our packaging can make life better. At the same time, we also hope to help our customers grow together and pursue a better life together. In addition, we hope to work together with our suppliers and employees to create packaging that meets consumers’ preferences.

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Jarsking’s mission is to become the world’s leading packaging material service provider. We enhance your brand image with innovative, bespoke packaging solutions. Specifically designed to meet brand preferences, Jarsking’s solutions embody sophistication, quality and sustainability. With continuous research on consumer needs, we deliver packaging that resonates with conscious consumers and appeals to target audiences. Whether you are a well-established brand, a small independent business, or a start-up, Jarsking has been a reliable partner in packaging for more than 20 years.


Discover Jarsking: Your Ultimate Destination for Sustainable Packaging Solutions. Our paramount focus is sustainability, offering top-notch, eco-friendly packaging solutions including glass, bamboo wood, PLA, and PCR materials. Elevate your brand with elegance through glass, embrace nature’s beauty with bamboo wood, or choose the innovation of PLA and PCR materials. Our commitment goes beyond products – we annually plant trees and conduct beach cleanups, embodying our dedication to a greener planet. Compliant with industry standards, our production practices prioritize eco-consciousness. Choose Jarsking as your partner for premium, sustainable packaging that aligns with your values and contributes to a healthier world. Elevate your packaging choices today with Jarsking’s responsible solutions


Experience, Expertise and Passion for Your Success

Jarsking manufactures a comprehensive range of glass primary and plastic packaging products. We provide cosmetic packaging products that reflect brand concepts of beauty and aesthetic appeal for fragrances, skin care and color cosmetics.

Our dedication to detail and comprehensive facilities for creative concept development and glass design are the reasons why we are a first choice partner for selective cosmetics manufacturers and our customizable standard product range makes us a versatile specialist for the wider mass market.

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Building Next Quality Level

Range from ultra-modern to vintage, Jarsking’s cosmetic bottles always mark the high level of China cosmetic bottles quality.

Jarsking Partner

Cosmetic Packaging 3D Demo

To model the 3D shape of the cosmetic bottle as fast as possible, Jarsking designers each specialize in types of packaging.

Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

Work As Your Brand Partner

Packaging can be the name card of your brand, and your brand will need a successful start from packaging. Jarsking partners you all way long.

We Make What Matters: Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging is the science, art and technology of enclosing and protecting cosmetics for storage, distribution, sales and safe usage. Our environmental policy commits us to environmental leadership and we have set stretching targets on many dimensions of our environmental policy including sustainable packaging.

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‘King’ Means We Like Setting Good Examples

Owner-managed, value-driven, committed: Jarsking is a company that can look back on a long tradition, so we attach a great deal of importance to shouldering responsibility. Not only for our employees, but within our locality too. This is demonstrated by the wide variety of projects run by the Jarsking.

One-Stop Cosmetic Packaging Solutions