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Enclosures are important to the customer experience since it provides a seal to preserve the efficacy of the product and allow end-users to dispense cosmetic gels, lotions, cream, or liquids. Jarsking's extensive range of caps and pumps lets you find a fitting closure for your beauty, body care, and cosmetic packaging.

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A key part of any beauty, body care, or cosmetic packaging is closure since it is a major component of the bottle, jar, or vial’s design. The design of the packaging is crucial to grabbing the attention of your potential buyers. A proper design will convince your target audience that your product will improve their health and general well-being. In addition, the closure must provide an enriching function for your customers. An example is a reliable lotion pump that distributes the right amount of moisturizer, soap, or other products.


Jarsking is a leading cosmetic packaging supplier that has a rich selection of caps, pumps, and other closures for your products. The robust customization service we offer lets you create functional and marketable packaging for your beauty, body care, and cosmetic brand.

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For a simple, economical, and effective seal for your cosmetic packaging, we have a wide range of caps or closures.


Pump closures allow end-users to dispense highly viscous products such as lotions or creams without opening the packaging.

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Jarsking’s one-stop-shop service allows you to add brushes and other applicators to your cosmetic packaging for the proper application of your products.

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