30ml Essential Oil Bottles

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As a top-tier essential oil glass bottle manufacturer, Jarsking stands out by mastering three distinct sectors: bottle crafting, cap and pump production, and exquisite finishing. Only about 10% of factories excel in all three, ensuring quality and cost control, setting us apart with our one-stop solution.

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30ml Essential Oil Bottle

Wide selection of quality materials

In the realm of essential oil packaging, material choice is paramount to prevent reactions between the packaging and the oils.


Glass is our top recommendation due to its inert nature.


However, we also offer alternative options for those seeking lightweight solutions, including aluminum, HDPE, and PET—each carefully selected to ensure compatibility and protection for your essential oils.

Variety of Cap Solutions

In our essential oil bottles bulk offerings, we get that choosing the right cap is a big deal.


We’ve got Screw, Dropper, Sprayer, Pump, Roller, and Sealed Caps—all ready to fit what you’re looking for.


Whether it’s keeping things tight with Screw Caps, getting just the right amount with Dropper Caps, or making application a breeze with Roller Caps, we’ve got your back with options that make sense for your oils.

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Precision in Manufacturing & Strict Quality Control

In our quest for excellence, our perfected production processes and mature techniques result in glass bottles for essential oils wholesale that stand out for their chemical stability, pressure resistance, and exceptional sealing properties.


Every bottle we craft undergoes 5 stringent quality tests to ensure unmatched quality.


These tests include the grid test for structural integrity, vacuum resistance test to ensure seal effectiveness, alcohol resistance to maintain chemical integrity, abrasion resistance for durability, and adhesive test to guarantee label adherence, all to deliver products you can trust.

Perfect Harmony: Style Meets Protection

⁤Our essential oil bottles and supplies are meticulously crafted to balance the unique properties of essential oils with the need for protection from external factors like light, oxygen, and temperature. ⁤⁤Essential oils are sensitive and can degrade with exposure to such elements. We employ 6 distinct processing techniques on our bottles, ensuring they not only offer superior protection but also come in a variety of designs to meet the diverse needs of our clients. ⁤⁤This approach allows us to provide bottles that maintain the integrity of the oils while catering to the aesthetic preferences of our customers. ⁤

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Expert Custom Designs in Wholesale Essential Oil Bottles

Certified Bulk Essential Oil Bottles

Our commitment to excellence shines through our certified, top-tier essential oil bottles China selection, trusted by professionals globally.

Leading Essential Oil Bottles Manufacturer

Essential oil bottles, with the proper design and labeling, can make your product stand out from competing brands. Well-developed bottle packaging starts with a complete customization service. At Jarsking, we let you pick the material, finish, function, decoration, and label for your essential oil bottles, giving your brand a distinct and recognizable identity.


 Jarsking has several business-oriented services when ordering your bespoke essential oil bottles to ensure a hassle-free process. We are one of the top essential oil bottle suppliers with a free design service, giving you a feasible and marketable packaging concept that fits your branding identity.

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Brand-Enriching Essential Oil Bottles Decoration Options

Making essential oil bottles that accomplish your branding goals requires a complete customization service like the one we offer. Jarsking’s full range of decorative options lets you add personality and style that identifies your essential oil brand.


Jarsking self-own factories are fully equipped with printing, engraving, and other equipment to accomplish a stylish bottle with various decorative options. We can implement your logo, brand name, and other decorations to make your essential oil bottles distinct on the store shelf. The precision and speed of our workshop also ensure volume orders of your bespoke essential oil packaging are completed with a short lead time.

What Makes Marketable Essential Oil Bottles

Premium Materials

High-grade materials can create durable essential oil bottles that protect their content from vibrations or physical impact. Materials needed to manufacture premium essential oil bottles must come from reliable suppliers to ensure each glass, metal, or plastic component meets industry standards. In addition, carefully screened materials should not contain any contaminants that can decrease the efficacy of the essential oil.


Jarsking is a top essential oil bottle supplier with a mature supply chain that can obtain high-grade glass, metal, and plastic for your packaging. All suppliers and raw materials are screened to ensure your order of custom essential oil bottles exceeds your expectations.

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We Care the Environment

Cosmetic and beauty product packaging companies are expected to have a sustainable policy to protect the environment. A part of Jarsking policy to reduce our carbon footprint is to source raw materials from local suppliers only. Doing so reduces transportation costs and fuel consumption, lowering air and water pollution.


Jarsking also ensures all raw materials we source are safe and non-toxic, making our essential oil bottles recyclable and safe for the environment. This feat is possible by sourcing all raw materials from trusted providers and thoroughly screening all glass, plastics, and metals before processing them.

Attractive Designs

Essential oil bottles can be more than just packaging for your product. With the proper design, these bottles can become powerful marketing tools that give your essential oil brand a recognizable face. Jarsking allows you to create unique, essential oil bottles that resonate with your branding through our extensive customization service.


Backing our bespoke services on essential oil bottles is our complimentary design consultation. Jarsking experts can provide feedback on your concept and advice based on our market knowledge and expertise in handling various products. Our services can make your essential oil brand flourish within your target market and in any retail space.

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For Best Performance

Making your essential oil bottles functional can provide a better user experience among your target audience. Features such as dropper inserts that make it easy for users to dispense an appropriate amount of oils can boost one’s experience with your products. Another good example is opaque glasses with air-tight seals that prolong the efficacy and aroma of your essential oil products.


Jarsking offers an extensive range of essential bottle materials and enclosers to bolster your customer’s experience with your product. The customization service we offer lets you build a strong foundation of customer loyalty to increase the rate of return business.

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