Slip-Lid Boxes

Designed to appear as colorful gift boxes, our slip-lid boxes are presentable options with custom features for branding thanks to their adaptable paper or carton composition. Our one-stop factory enables the smooth production of large volumes of slip-lid boxes with sturdy structure to hold cosmetic products tightly.

Our Capabilities In Customization As your Slip-Lid Boxes Supplier

Easy to open and close, our slip lid boxes are made with corrugated cardboard for greater sturdiness and tightly-fit walls that keep moisture and high temperatures at bay. Because of their durability, our slip-lid boxes can be reusable as storage for any commodity. Along with that, our boxes are made of recyclable paper, thereby helping reduce waste and carbon emissions.


Available in hexagonal shapes,double-wall or self-locking walls, our slip-lip boxes are precisely manufactured for long travels and storage. Being made of recycled paper helps make our boxes easier to customize and decorate with various metallic and color effects to give your brand distinction among your peers.

Slip Lid Boxes