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Cosmetic boxes play an important role in highlighting your brand in the marketplace. Jarsking has exciting customization for all types of your cosmetic packaging. You can have favored shapes, sizes, and colors for makeup, beauty, and skincare products.

Complete Cosmetic Packaging Type Options

Jarsking Packaging is an industry pioneer providing a comprehensive array of packaging solutions. We’ll be there for you from the first stages of brainstorming and sketching to the completion of production and beyond.


When it comes to the packaging of your cosmetics or personal care products, we only utilize the latest and greatest materials. We offer a wide variety of decoration processes, such as silk screen printing, metallizing, lacquering, hot-stamping, and more, so that brands may give their packaging a really distinctive look and feel.


All Categories

Our line of cosmetic bottles and packaging not only offers the right aesthetics and functionality but appeals to your bottom line.

The cylindrical or round jars that we offer you in our company are ideal for packaging creams or any product with a thick consistency.

Made of glass over plastic, and used to store normal daily liquids. Can be plugged, capped or corked for closure.

Syringes can be filled with powder, semi-solids and liquid dosage forms at volumes from 1 ml to 10 ml and larger.

A wide variety of cosmetic tubes that vary by size, shape, head style, material and cap options so you are sure to find an option for your product.

Premium, non-toxic and 100% ecological ampoules guarantee a very safe and sustainable packaging.

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