ABS Cosmetic Packaging

ABS or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastics are dependable and excellent materials for packaging for their quality and flexibility. Jarsking provides various designs and types of ABS plastic packaging options for samples or sets of cosmetic products. We have people who assist you in designing packaging that impacts shelf presence.

We Bring a Wide Selection as an Abs Packaging Manufacturer

ABS plastic-based containers and packaging are fully customizable depending on the client’s preference for shapes, sizes, and added decoration. ABS plastics have been used in the industry for years because of their unique qualities that this material has as a vessel or packaging material for cosmetic products.


Jarsking provides a comprehensive selection of ABS plastic packaging designs that helps to boost sales and an exquisite display option. ABS plastic is resistant to impact, extreme temperatures, and abrasion, making it an excellent packaging option for cosmetics. ABS is also recyclable and can be reused for other purposes.

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Material Type



Attention Grabbing Packaging Boost Salability of a Product

Customizing ABS packaging by adding decoration increases the product’s shelf presence and brand awareness. The solid-colored packaging provides a blank canvas for texture and prints with a modern or chic vibe that draws customers’ attention to your product. The durable casing is a bonus as a makeup box where every cosmetic product has its compartment.


Jarsking has a decorating facility with our experts equipped with the best machinery and a wide range of decoration options for cosmetic packaging. We offer surface texture, coating, various printing options, and engraving depending on the client’s specifications. 

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Elements you need to consider in choosing ABS plastic material packaging

Choosing the Best Quality Abs Is Essential for Amazing Packaging

There are many potential packaging materials for cosmetic product lines that catch shoppers’ attention. Selecting a suitable packaging material is essential to attract your target market by trends or to set it. The packaging material also protects the content by shielding it from dust and the open air.


ABS plastics provide a professional look with its opaque surface excellent in protecting cosmetics as a durable makeup kit box that is robust and stylish. ABS plastics are scratch-proof and shield their content from direct light that prevents compounds from drying and making them hard to use.

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ABS Cosmetic Packaging 04

We Are for Sustainable Resource for the Packaging of Tomorrow

Taking care of the planet is a significant concern in many industries to reduce waste and energy use. Having a sustainable resource for base materials in elements like packaging contributes to the cause of saving the environment. ABS plastics are one of the industry’s most recyclable materials, as they can be used and remolded many times, reducing production waste.


Jarsking uses these sustainable resources like glass and plastics for our containers and packaging options doing our part to be an eco-friendly facility. We also stick to sustainable resources to improve our efficiency.

Superior Designs to Elevate Shelf Presence of the Product Line

A trendy design to promote brands is crucial in improving sales. It needs to be functional, stylish, and appealing to consumers. Packaging design also highlights the brand and product line to increase commercial presence for potential buyers. Packaging protects the product and also accentuates the product and its features.


We provide packaging design services to our clients to help boost brand awareness and uplift product sales. Our seasoned design teams are dedicated to helping you refresh your branding or make one for a new product line that is trendy and attractive to your target market.

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