Orifice Reducers and Sifters

Jarsking’s line of orifice reducers and sifters fit snugly within the container’s opening, limiting the extruded content to the right amount for ideal application. Choose from different options that perfectly complement your containers, all made with premium materials and intelligent designs.

Orifice Reducers and Sifters Supplier for Airtight Closures

Whether you’re a business that offers cosmetic products or is focused on pharmaceuticals, our orifice reducers and sifters make great additions to your packaging solutions. They help regulate the dispensing of your product, reducing the risks of spilling and unintended wastage.


As a globally-competent orifice reducers and sifters supplier, we create orifice reduces and sifters that are properly calibrated to fit on the container’s neck with an airtight finish. The opening can also be adjusted to properly dispense the contents, ensuring the correct amount is used every time.

Orifice Reducers and Sifters

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