Funnels, Scoopers and Beakers

For easy measuring, choose different designs from Jarsking’s line of custom funnels, scoopers, and beakers made from reliable plastic. Through our line of funnels, scoopers, and beakers, your brand comes off as more responsive and attentive to your customers' needs.

How your Funnels, Scoopers and Beakers Supplier Helps Brands Flourish

Enhance your customers’ cosmetics experience with a full kit of funnels, scoopers, and beakers that help measure and fill in any cosmetic products with great accuracy. By giving your customers the freedom to mix and test their own makeup, our line of funnels, scoopers, and beakers can make your brand the go-to stop for your region’s cosmetic needs.


Made from food-grade plastic materials, our funnels, scoopers, and beakers are built to last while being able to withstand any chemical mixture. Work with us today as your funnels, scoopers, and beakers supplier to elevate your brand’s flexibility in serving our markets.

Funnels, Scoopers and Beakers

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