We Specialize in Unique Design as a Cosmetic Vials Manufacturer

Cosmetic vials are excellent for moisturizers, oils, perfumes, other skincare, or cosmetic compounds. Compact and light vials are usually carried in bags or used as sample containers for perfumes and oils. Vials are vital in the industry to distribute the right cosmetics for travel or promotional purposes.


Jarsking gives you the option to customize vials for skin care, perfumes, cosmetics, and more. As a leading cosmetic vials supplier in China, we specialize in customizing containers for cosmetic and skincare products with a wide range of vial designs to select for custom cosmetic vials.

Glass Vials

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Adding Visual Impact by Putting Embellishment on the Packaging

There are many ways to decorate the vials, from simple to intricate, that define the use of any container. From product samples to hand carries, the design can uplift brand recognition no matter how cost-effective or extravagant the decoration is. Subtle branding is used in samples, while elaborate and ornate decoration stands out on any shelves.

We look for the perfect design for vials and other containers, from practical to elegant. Jarsking has a vast selection of vial designs, giving our clients the option and freedom to choose from our catalog or customize one suitable for the product line.

Glass Vials

Vials Are Vital to the Industry as a Portable Container

Suitable Materials for Your Container Is Important

Choosing the best material that fits your product line and the target market is essential. Vials are small and can be placed in bags and purses to avoid anything that could cause them to be damaged or broken, selecting a durable material for its intended use, whether as a free sample or in a make-up kit.


As the best cosmetic vials supplier, Jarsking offers cosmetic vials with the finest materials from our well-established supply chain. Whether high-quality glass or durable plastic, Jarsking will deliver the correct vials for your product.

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We Care About the World by Using Sustainable Materials

Jarsking uses glass as its primary material for our cosmetic containers. Glass is a recyclable and highly sustainable material that reduces waste and is eco-friendly. As a material for any vial, it is chemical resistant, rugged, and affordable are some attributes glass is known for in many industries.


An excellent material, especially for small vials, glass has been used over the century. Its quality that does not break down for years makes it a viable material for cosmetic vials. We also offer eco-friendly and recyclable packaging as we do our part to take care of the environment.

A Unique Design to Bring Impact to the Packaging

Excellent packaging catches the eyes of consumers for repeat customers to buy your products and new buyers to try your products. Increasing your brand awareness keeps you competitive in the industry, and the impression you make starts with packaging that gets the attention of your target market.

We provide complete customization service in designing and packaging cosmetic vessels by taking the client’s input on the design to make it suitable to their product line. Jarsking aims to bring the best packaging for our client’s products highlighting their products with our high-quality packaging and service.

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Cosmetic Glass Vials

Excellent for Sampling and Affordable Size for Consumers

Jarsking has a variety of lids, caps, and toppers for cosmetic containers suited for any type of packaging to avoid leaks and wasting the product. A secure cap with a spray or pump as easy access or a push and pull closure can expel the right amount of compound for application.


Our comprehensive lid options, suitable for any compounds, oils, creams, gels, or perfumes, are made with the best quality glass and plastics. We ensure that our lids, shivs, and toppers provide a tight seal and accessibility to your product.