Customization & Deco

When packaging really needs to impress: We are your decoration partner for all finishes of packaging made from glass and plastic.

A Dazzling Presentation for Your Cosmetics

When packaging really needs to impress: We are your printing partner for all finishes of cosmetic packaging made from glass or plastics.

We currently own best decorators in China to help you achieve your final look. From digital engraving, to frosting, to silk screening and more, our decoration services provide you with a wide variety of custom options to make your packaging unique.

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Putting A WOW to the Consumer’s Face

Make your product stand out

Present your product in a unique way

Boost long-term brand loyalty

Can be implemented in large quantities

Signal the value of your brand

Differentiate your brand from the competition

Help with orientation and decision-making

Emphasize the quality of your product

Everything You Need for the Perfect Cosmetic Packaging

Jarsking has provided custom packaging solutions to a wide range of businesses worldwide. Built on experience working with a wide range of decorating factories, we have curated a library of deco options based on their capabilities for your convenience below.

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Create a three-dimensional effect that draws the attention, and easy to transfer even the finest details.



Add depth to any design, perfect for making the finished product look elegant and sophisticated.

3.matte finish

Matte Finish

Offer a simple and smooth aura of sophistication for a sleek, non-glossy look.



Enhancing the surface decoration with then layer metal.

5.heat transffer label

Heat Transfer Label

Provide seamless finish and have a secure hold that allows the label to be durable and long-lasting.

6.silk screen

Silk Screen

Produce higher fidelity results and easy for eye-catching and bolder designs.

7.hot stamp

Hot Stamp

Create a high-gloss, diffractive and tactile effect.

8.laser Etching

Laser Etching

Laser etching is a process that creates marks on parts and products by melting their surface.

9.spray frost

Spray Frost

Environmentally-friendly process for textures, water droplets, iridescent colors and glitter.

10.spray gradient

Spray Gradient

Make visual effect of bottles more powerful with opaque, translucent, pearl color or any colors.

11.UV Metallic

UV Metallic

Deliver brilliant metallic effects through a combination of flexo and offset printing.

12.Inside Spray

Inside Spray

Luxurious inner contour design, particularly effective with thick walled packs.

13. Applique

3D Printing

High precision and accurate location on the bottles of any materials.

14.Water Transfer

Water Transfer

Allow to create intricate patterns in a very short time and highly durable and water-resistant.

15.Offest Etching

Offset Printing

Effective for multi colors (up to 8 colors) and halftone artwork when decorating tubes.

16.Aluminum Jacket

Aluminum Jacket

Protect the cosmetic bottles from physical damage, UV exposure, and water.

Pick Your Packaging and Shine

9.Face cream jars


13.Glass Vials






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