Unparalleled Serum Bottles Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

With more than 10 state-of-the-art factories and 50 robust supply chain systems worldwide, Jarsking offers a production capacity that meets any scale of demand. Whether you require a small batch or a large production run, we have the infrastructure to deliver promptly without compromising on quality.


Jarsking’s commitment to quality goes beyond certifications. We have earned ISO, BSCI, SGS, and other prestigious certifications, reflecting our dedication to excellence. Our serum bottles are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring they not only meet industry regulations but also exceed your expectations.

Serum Glass Bottles

Extensive Serum Bottles Decoration Options

Jarsking offers an array of extensive serum bottle decoration options that go beyond the ordinary, allowing you to create packaging that resonates with your brand’s identity and captivates your target audience. With our creative design team and innovative techniques, your serum bottles will stand out on the shelves and leave a lasting impression.


Jarsking is capable of completing volume orders of serum bottles, regardless of their complex shape or decorative features, thanks to our eight injection lines and three spray lines. The automated machinery within our ISO-certified workshop ensures your serum glass bottles are in excellent condition and are delivered to you on time.

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What Makes Marketable Serum Bottles

Serum Bottle Quality Materials

Durable and aesthetically designed serum bottles are made from quality materials. All of our glasses are sourced from suppliers who pass Jarsking’s strict standards. In addition, we screen every raw material before we process them into serum bottles.


Glass is suitable as a serum packaging due to its inert qualities that do not contain any contaminants or toxins, ensuring the product’s efficacy lasts for a long time. The materials also make your serum glass bottle look luxurious and professional. As a sustainable resource, glass is more highly recyclable than other materials, such as plastic. Jarsking ensures a steady supply of premium glass for your serum brand, even during peak periods.

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Bamboo serum bottle

Environmental-Friendly Solution

Out of all the packaging materials available, glass is the most sustainable one for the cosmetic and beauty industry. This sustainable material for serum bottle can be recycled for various applications to reduce landfill space. Glass also does not contain any chemicals that will harm the environment if left out in the wild for a long time.


Jarsking continues to advocate the use of glass due to its advantage for both the environment and serum brands. Your serum bottle will have luxurious features that will catch the attention of your target customers while being safe for the surrounding.

Branded Designs

The key to a marketable serum bottle is in the conveyance of your brand with the packaging. Your serum glass bottle must show how your product can enhance your target customer’s quality of life and how it is different from other brands.


The Jarsking design team can help you realize the serum bottles that represent your brand. We have experienced designers who have an extensive backgrounds in the cosmetic and beauty industry. You can also choose from a rich selection of decorations and other customization options from our solid ODM/OEM service. Through our assistance, we help you create serum bottles that will make a large impact on your target market.

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Customized Functions

Bolstering your customer experience in using your serum is a good way of increasing return-business rates. This includes a built-in dropper enclosure that makes it easy for end-users to dispense the serum. Offering several different serum bottle sizes can also be beneficial for users who require portable packaging of your product.


Jarsking’s market-focused customization service lets you create functional serum  bottles that provide the best possible experience for your target customers. We also offer a free design consultation service to show you how specific features can improve your brand image, helping you find the right serum glass bottle that builds brand awareness.