Disposable Swabs

Swabs are versatile accessories for dispensing different types of cosmetics, allowing for makeup touchups, correcting eyeliner mistakes, and cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Jarsking's complete selection of swabs lets you pick one that adds more value to your cosmetic products, helping you make an impact in your target market.

Useful Disposable Swabs Supplier

Disposable swabs are handy tools for a wide range of cosmetic products. These can be used for the general application of spot treatments or lash glue. To preserve the efficacy of lotions, cotton swabs can dispense the product with minimum contamination of any cosmetic products. Swabs are also handy for removing eyeliner or nail polish accidents.


Jarsking has a wide range of disposable swabs made from cotton or other materials. These swabs are sourced from reputable suppliers, making them sanitary and high-grade. Through our diverse line of accessories, closures, and packaging types, Jarsking can elevate your cosmetic brand to new heights.

Disposable Swabs

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