Glass Cosmetic Packaging

The presence of glass packaging on your shelves give the impression of your attention to quality. By choosing Jarsking’s glass cosmetic packaging, you guarantee your formula’s safety and environmental protection in one product. Our glass packaging is an effective barrier against contamination while being permanent and durable, leading to their constant reusability and unlimited design possibilities.

We Are One of the Largest Glass Packaging Manufacturers Worldwide

Jarsking’s glass cosmetic packaging provides a clear window to your products and can come in many shapes. As a sterile and safe material, glass is both a barrier against contaminants and a sure way to maintain your product’s purity.


As China’s leading glass cosmetics packaging supplier, our advanced factories produce 100 billion glass materials packaging annually. Avail of our free design service so we can help you choose how your glass material packaging will look based on what fits your brand and product selections. Our comprehensive OEM/ODM solutions ensure that every vial can express your product’s quality and function .


Decorate Your Glass Packaging In Many Ways for Any Effect

Being easy to melt and form, our glass material can be shaped in different ways to highlight your brand’s eye for design.  Including the smaller glass vials, we offer numerous shaping and decorative options, such as rounder bottles or opaque packaging to suit different rooms and environments.


We have numerous self-owned machinery that perform optimally to create custom glass material packaging in various shapes. Our factory features equipment that can perform frosting, lacquering and other decoration approaches.

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Things to Consider In Your Glass Cosmetics Packaging Selection

What Makes Our Glass Material Count in Your Cosmetics Line

Choosing the right glass material counts in maintaining the quality of your cosmetics while ensuring they remain safe for human use. As a non-reactive material, glass can easily preserve your chemical formulation as they keep any matter away from contaminating your cosmetics.


Through our precise testing, we identity the immense storage ability of our glass cosmetic packaging through their temperature resistance, which helps preserve the purity of your cosmetics. With their stable chemical composition, our glass materials are more reusable, being easy to clean and to be used for any liquid.

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We Envision The Proliferation Of Glass Packaging For Sustainable Cosmetics

Glass is already a highly eco-friendly material that can be constantly recycled and thus reduce waste accumulation. Melting at a lower temperature than needed, glass requires less energy in production and can be made into as  many glass packaging as needed. Additionally, our glass vials lack any additives that could cause degradation and affect product quality.


For years, we have collected recycled glass from reliable sources and help maintain the global circular economy. As a result, we maintain a stable supply of raw materials while testing recycled glass for their cleanliness and optimal performance as an effective barrir against contamination.

Every Glass Material Packaging Is A Window To Your Brand’s Soul.

Designs communicate to your audience how your brand values them. To help decide the right design and ensure you focus more on your business, we are open to providing free consultations to discuss your custom options. Our advanced R&D looks into the feasibility of the design based on market trends.


Advanced CAD equipment can easily prepare a sketch in time for your inspection and to start production early. Delivering thorough ODM/OEM services, Jarsking applies the lates molding and manufacturing facilities to guarantee tight control over production so that our glass packaging comes out appearing within your requirements.

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