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Every material reacts differently to specific cosmetic products. From our experience, we select the proper materials based on your application while ensuring they are stable and sustainable. Jarsking readily adheres to your requirements with our strict raw material sourcing and attentive one-stop production

Pick Materials That Matter To Your Cosmetic Goals

Jarsking has access to a trusted local supplier network that deliver premium materials within China that we audit for their compliance with international standards. By maintaining a strict standard, we acquire only the wood, glass, paper, and plastic materials suited to cosmetics.


As brands require customized packaging materials, we provide your business with an easily accessible one-stop location for a variety of materials trusted for their durability and sustainability. Through our experience, R&D, and precise design, we guarantee that we can find the right material to suit your packaging requirements within your deadlines.


All Materials Categories

Transparent and highly durable, our glass cosmetics can display your products clearly while protectin them from high temperatures and strong impacts.

An alternative to plastic and glass, our bamboo cosmetic packaging is a sustainable choice that offers long-term protection against microbes and withstand much stress.

With less energy needed to produce PLA cosmetic packaging, they can melt easily to be formed into any shape, resulting in unlimited custom packaging options for your brand.

Made from recycled plastics, our post-consumer resin (PCR) cosmetic packaging comes in diverse custom features and colors and can be recycled for sustainable use.

While being lightweight, our PET material is strong and makes for excellent bottle material for any cosmetics by being easier to mold into any shape.

Resistant to chemicals and moistures, our PP packaging maintains the quality of our cosmetics while protecting the contents through its near-crystal like structure and durability.

Along with chemical resistance and stability, our HPDE packaging possess a rigid construction that  can withstand impact and shocks, ensuring long-term protection for your cosmetics.

Attuned more to gels and lotions, our PETG packaging has excellent impact and UV resistance, traits that work together to preserve different chemical formulas under different conditions.

While lightweight, our ABS packaging possesses excellent impact and temperature resistance to easily protect your cosmetic contents.

Acrylic offers versatility in terms of design and customization. It can be easily molded into various shapes and sizes, allowing for unique and attractive packaging designs.

By improving the thickness of the oil in cosmetics, our PE packaging enhances the quality of your products while preserving them for long-term use.

Packed with high thermal and acid resistance, our AS packaging is flexible and can be shaped in different ways while offering the same level of protection for your product.

Compatible with any cosmetic option, our Polystyrene (PS) packaging is rigid and resistant to bacterial growth while also being more affordable.

Maintaining a sturdy structure at any temperature, our EVA cosmetic packaging withstands water, UV rays and constant usage, making them fit for numerous cosmetic applications.

Paper is a renewable and biodegradable material, making it an environmentally friendly option for cosmetic packaging. 

Aluminum Cosmetics Packaging offers premium quality and aesthetic appeal making it a preferred choice for cosmetics brands seeking elegance and sustainability.

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