Metal Caps

Complete your product packaging with durable and eye-catching metal caps made by the industry leader Jarsking. We carry a large inventory of in-stock metal caps ready to ship out at a moment’s notice. We also offer robust customization options to fit your branding ideals.

Rust-Proof and Food-Grade Metal Caps Supplier

Jarsking’s assortment of finely-crafted metal caps is a fantastic complement to any container, particularly for those opting for glass and PET vessels. This cap type adds a layer of captivating visual detail that only traditional closures deliver while providing superior sealing and spill prevention. Also, metal caps are easy to use and highly customizable, allowing for stronger brand recognition for your business.


With expansive manufacturing experience and modern processing technology, Jarsking is a metal caps supplier that can fulfill your demands for high-quality and affordable closures. We offer all types of metal caps that can be modified with different designs and printed logos for effective branding.

Metal Caps

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