Trigger Sprays

Trigger sprays disperse their content as a fine spray or small stream to give end users the option to apply a cosmetic product to a wide or small area. We have a wide array of trigger sprays for beauty, personal care, and cosmetic products, allowing you to create packaging that represents your brand.

Accurate Trigger Sprays Supplier

Trigger sprays are handy closures that dispense liquid products by squeezing on the handle below the nozzle. The sprayer ejects the liquid into a mist or stream to ensure the product is applied to a large surface area. Specific beauty, personal care, and cosmetic products require the right trigger sprayer to dispense the product. Fortunately, Jarsking is a leading trigger spray supplier that has a complete range of closure that suits your business requirements.


Jarsking has an experienced design team who can find the right combination of trigger sprays and bottles or vials that suits your product. With the proper design, you can convey your brand to your target customers and increase awareness of your product.

Trigger Sprays

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