Non-Dispensing Caps

Whether for cosmetics, ointments, or personal care products, non-dispensing caps are indispensable for any packaging solution. And for your complete packaging needs, Jarsking is your one-stop solution provider. We carry an array of non-dispensing caps that can be customizable to fit your branding.

Your Globally-Competent Non-Dispensing Caps Supplier

The versatility of non-dispensing caps makes them a popular closure option for many cosmetic, healthcare, and beauty product companies. These caps provide tight and reliable container sealing with a familiar look your customers know and love. It also makes your products easier to access and consume, resulting in more marketable end products.


As the go-to non-dispensing caps supplier in China, Jarsking can deliver your products right non-dispensing caps. We have a large inventory of caps that you can be modified to complement your packaging. Plus, we can add a variety of liners to make the perfect seal for the contents.

43.Non Dispensing Caps

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