Plastic and Glass Pipettes

Pipettes are handy droppers for applying beauty or cosmetic products accurately. Jarsking offers a wide range of plastic and glass pipettes that comes in different sizes and capacities. The complete customization service we offer on cosmetic packaging accessories can increase positive customer experiences.

Value-Added Plastic and Glass Pipettes Supplier

Pipettes allow end-users to move liquid cosmetic products from the glass or vials and onto a specific area. The plastic pipettes we offer are made of polystyrene material, which is a sturdy and rigid plastic material that fits any budget. We also have glass pipettes that add a luxurious touch to your cosmetic packaging.


Jarsking has all your pipettes and other accessories for your cosmetic packaging under one roof. Our one-stop service helps you cut down on time, money, and effort in creating beauty, personal care, and cosmetic packaging that bolsters your brand.

Plastic and Glass Pipettes