Trusted Face Cream Jars Manufacturer

Face cream brands can elevate the presence of their product with a Jarsking packaging solution that gives you complete control over its design. Each of our face cream jars can be customized to have a specific material, finish, decoration, function, and label to a unique packaging.


Jarsking offers professional services for a smooth process in realizing your face cream jar process. As a leading face cream jars supplier, we have seasoned designers who offer a free draft of your custom packaging. Our designers can create face cream jars with a marketable aesthetic style that bolsters your branding in your target markets or critical customers.

15ml Glass Cosmetic Jars

Enriching Face Cream Jars Decoration Options

Creating any face cream jar is possible through our robust customization option that lets you change different packaging parts. Whether you need a spout for controlled distribution or have a unique jar shape that encourages your brand, Jarsking’s complete bespoke services make it possible to realize any concept.


Our self-owned factories that have fully equipped production lines are backing our extensive customization options. With dedicated staff utilizing advanced machinery, we can process volume orders of custom face cream jars with a fast turnover. The precision of our equipment and strict QC process ensures all face cream jars have the proper design and function that meets your needs.

Cosmetic jar decoration

What Makes Marketable Face Cream Jars

High-Grade Materials

Materials must be sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure they are free from contaminants that can compromise the shelf life of face cream. Beauty or cosmetic packaging must be food-grade or non-toxic to preserve the face cream.

Jarsking can fulfill any face cream jar requirements with our selection of materials. As one of the leading face cream jars suppliers, we have a mature supply chain that gives us access to food-grade materials. We also give you a choice of glass materials to create luxurious and high-class face cream jars or plastic for a durable and economical packaging solution.


Sustainable Solutions

Manufacturing sustainable face cream jars are possible by starting with the sourcing of raw materials. Jarsking only sources our glass and plastic through local providers to reduce the transportation of goods, which lowers our carbon footprint. We also promote the use of glass materials for face cream jars due to the material’s eco-friendly and recyclability qualities.

Sustainable practices are also followed within our certified factories, such as using natural gasses and avoiding hazardous substances like heavy metals. These practices allow us to reduce power consumption and protect the environment while manufacturing your face cream jar.

Eye-Catching Designs

Face cream jars are marketing tools that will tell your target audience about the benefits of your product and how it can improve their life. A good face cream jar design lets people know your brand and how it is associated with impeccable and healthy skin. Without the right design, face creams will stay on the shelves extended while competing brands are emptied from their storage.


Seasoned designers at Jarsking provide free design consultation for your face cream jar. We have the experience and knowledge in the cosmetic market that will help you find a design and aesthetic that will make your brand resonate with your target audience.

50g cosmetic jar

Functional Construction

How do you increase returning customers? Improve their user experience with thoughtful functions added to your face cream jars. One example is our vacuum face cream jar that removes any air within the packaging to extend the efficacy of your brand. We can also include sliding-lid containers that utilize acrylic materials, making it easy for end-users to open the packaging.

Jarsking extensive customization option allows you to create high-grade face cream jars that satisfy your target market’s needs. Our bespoke services can build a strong foundation for customer loyalty to your face cream brand.