Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging

Find a comprehensive green alternative with our line of bamboo cosmetic packaging with a structure and composition that guarantee zero worries. Along with being biodegradable, our bamboo materials are sturdy and food-grade, ensuring your product line can be safely contained and usable for your audience.

How Your Bamboo Packaging Manufacturer Brings Out Unique Design Possibilities

Bamboo packaging can be customized into different shapes and adjusted to any cosmetic formulation. For dry items such as powders, compact powder and contours, our bamboo packaging, such as jars and bottles, can be preserved more easily for a longer shelf life. Our bamboo packaging can also provide airtight protection from moisture and heat for liquid cosmetics such as body wash, foundation, serums, moisturizers and shampoos.


As China’s leading bamboo material packaging expert, we identify the right bamboo designs and structure to better serve your applications. With our free design service, we diversify the look of your bamboos, whether through decorations or bespoke caps and features made of the same material.

Cosmetic bamboo bottle set JKB011.1

Limitless Decorative Options For Durable Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging

Choosing bamboo materials for your cosmetic packaging enables you to fulfill your brand’s requirements by adhering to environmental standards. Along with their durability, bamboo can be adjusted to different customizations, from varied bottle and packaging shapes to finishing options.


Get support from Jarsking’s experienced team of designers and engineers who can realize your design idea’s full potential and customize our bamboo packaging with any decoration style. Through our OEM/ODM service, you can get bamboo packaging in any color and pattern through our frosting, silkscreen, lacquering, metallization, hot stamping and logo engraving options.

Cosmetic bamboo bottle set JKB011.4

Considerations To Make When Having Bamboo As Your Packaging Material

How Our Packaging Materials Display Your Commitment to Premium Quality

As one of the world’s fastest growing plants, bamboo is an easy to acquire alternative to glass and plastic and features immense durability and reusability altogether. Having higher mechanical properties than timber or some plastics, bamboo easily protects your cosmetics from stress or degradation, resulting in a packaging that can be constantly reused.


China has a vast supply of bamboo that can be easily acquired from local suppliers and processed within our one-stop facilities. Combining our experience with advanced technology, we can manufacturer millions of bamboo cosmetic packaging to fulfill industry demands.

Bamboo dropper bottle
Bamboo serum bottle

Make A Green Future Happen With Our Bamboo Cosmetic Packaging.

Bamboo is a sturdy material that can withstand much impact to be usable for the long term. Above all, bamboo is much safer to use and promotes responsibility to the environment. When disposed, bamboo benefits soil health by being excellent composting material while also not requiring replanting to replenish the bountiful resource.


Secure our customer’s trust and improve your brand’s reputation with durable green packaging that is easy to source and faster to produce. Jarsking’ ISO certification and strict factory practices are some manifestations of our commitment to delivering only eco-friendly packaging from ethical sources.

Etch Your Brand Into Your Audience With Handcrafted Bamboo Packaging.

The ingenuity of bamboo cosmetic packaging can drive interest from your audience and emerging markets looking for clean and green packaging. Your design communicates to your audience the kind of brand you are and your complete attention to quality in the details.


Through Jarsking’s design team and decoration options, you can produce bamboo cosmetic packaging that can express your environmental commitment while appearing fashionable. Our market research can help us find the right features that can boost your sales and enhance the trust between you and your audience.

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