PCR Cosmetic Packaging

Increased structural integrity and product protection combined with a reduced carbon footprint come together in one package through our post-consumer resin (PCR) cosmetic packaging.
By having a ready supply of recyclable and reusable PCR materials, we reduce our costs of buying new plastics for packaging and mitigate the rising prices.

Supporting Your Needs As Your Custom PCR Packaging Manufacturer‘

Our PCR plastics are less dense and can make for lightweight cosmetic packaging, adding portability and other functions for your cosmetics line. With their high corrosion and alkali resistance, our PCR bottles can maintain the quality of your cosmetic formulation.


Jarsking is your expert in decorative cosmetic packaging and PCR material is easy adapted to any color to fulfill your packaging design requirements. Using automated production equipment, we can shape our PCR plastics into any structure that retains high mechanical strength and appear pleasing to your customers all at once.

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Personal Care Packaging

The Decorative Potential in Your PCR Plastic Cosmetic Packaging

A mixture of recycled plastics, such as HDPE and PP, PCR fulfills your requirements by having the strength and moisture resistance of plastic while lowering environmental impact. As plastics are easy to color, PCR can be reshaped from old plastics and also recolored to meet your packaging needs.


Our dedicated facilities bring the most out of our PCR materials through accurate moldmaking and efficient automated production. After assembly, we decorate our PCR plastic cosmetic packaging in unique ways, from the added durability of frosting and metallization to our custom logo options.

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Helpful Options In Selection the Right PCR Plastic Packaging

Choosing the Appropriate PCR Material Can Ensure Sustainable Business

Trusted local suppliers offer us easy access to PCR that is already made and treated for manufacturing purposes, resulting in more affordable PCR packaging. The selection of PCR or any eco-friendly plastics enables brands to secure more trust from their customer base and be recognized for their adherence to sustainable business practices.


As they come from different plastic sources, our PCR plastics can be recolored by mixing recycled and virgin materials regardless of their original appearance, which helps diversify product selections. This helps Jarsking develop new products that are meant to be a hit in your markets without using too many new raw materials.

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Jarsking Sets Standards For Sustainable Packaging With Diverse Eco-Friendly Options

Recycled PET, PP and HDPE plastics save much energy when being made into packaging products, which directly reduces carbon emissions in factories. Through the consistent practice of recycling plastics, we form a closed loop system that reuses the same material while retaining their overall quality and protecting the environment all at once.


Following strict standards, we perform an auditing process to ensure we get only premium recycled plastics from our suppliers, resulting in eco-friendly products that last long. The durability of PCR plastic packaging guarantees the minimizing of waste accumulation in landfills and bodies of water.

Creativity At A Glance Makes Your Cosmetics Shine In The Shelf.

The flexibility of PCR plastic material provides an avenue for your design ideas to flourish and emphasize on your brand’s commitment to healthy cosmetics. Our design team can construct the right PCR cosmetic packaging adjusted to your market in order to help you reach or surpass your sales targets.


With our complete ODM/OEM solutions, we provide brands with a host of diverse packaging choices that highlight their message and express what their product can do visually. We fulfill our requirements at lower costs thanks to our automated machinery and complete control over production.

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