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Typically small and transparent, ampoules come in different shades to easily show users their contents. Ampoules can carry a variety of formulations for different one-time uses, such as serums, essentials, and medicines. It has a simple yet sleek design that lets users quickly understand how to use them.


Backed with decades of production expertise and a modern manufacturing facility, Jarsking is your reliable ampoule bottles supplier. From having access to top-tier materials to drafting innovative and user-friendly designs, we’re capable of creating ampoules that will maintain your formulation’s efficacy while boosting your branding.

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Custom Ampoule Packaging Just the Way You Envision Them

Innovation and creativity are important factors for any industry – whether it’s on product formulation, marketing, or packaging. And with the crowded market nowadays, creating captivating and practical ampoule packaging for your products will help elevate your brand from your peers.


Let the experts at Jarsking give your business the leverage to reach the next level. We’re dedicated to providing innovative ampoule designs based on the latest market trends. We also have a self-owned production facility with cutting-edge machines to swiftly and efficiently fulfill your packaging needs.

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What Makes the Perfect Ampoules for Your Products

Why Materials Matter for Your Cosmetic Ampoules

Ampoules have a distinct clear or frosted finish that makes it transparent for users to see the content. As such, glass is the go-to material used for making this packaging option. Choosing the right glass material is then important, as it should be able to hold the contents without spilling or breaking accidentally.


As a seasoned ampoules supplier with a solid supply chain, Jarsking has access to the best glass materials available in the market. Our custom wholesale ampoules are guaranteed to have the durability required to keep your formulations safe and protected.

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Sustainable Manufacturing is The Future of Product Packaging

Changes in global standards for packaging production has placed a strong emphasis on sustainable manufacturing. Glass packaging options like ampoules are preferred by many consumers and brands, as the materials to create them are readily available and won’t adversely affect the environment. 


Keeping up with global requirements, Jarsking adheres to established eco-friendly benchmarks. We only source our glassmaking materials from well-vetted suppliers that have a great track record in sustainable material procurement. In addition, we also utilize energy-efficient equipment and production processes to reduce our carbon footprint.

Creative Ampoule Designs For Impactful Marketing

There’s no better and simpler way to market products than through its packaging. As the first thing that consumers see, well-made and captivating packaging leaves a lasting impression that can influence buying decisions. Thus, encasing your cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in attractive packaging will do the marketing work for your business.


The experts at Jarsking understand the impact of ampoule packaging on your brand and work closely with you to develop ampoules that sell. Our designers listen to your requirements and apply the best solutions to bring them to life. We can also customize the stem design and add identification rings or color breaks for easier use.

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Choose the Right Ampoules Based on Your Needs

While having a single purpose and a general overall design, ampoules can come in an assortment of forms that can indicate their specific use. Straight-stem, funnel-type, and closed ampoules are some of its enclosure options. Knowing which ones complement your products will improve their efficacy and potency.


Jarsking’s seasoned consultants and designers find the right ampule closure that works best with your formulation and implement them in the construction of your custom ampoules. Additionally, we can create custom ampule enclosures to fulfill your packaging needs.