Droppers are closures that can dispense small droplets of cosmetic products from the bottle. This accessory preserves the efficacy of serums by preventing any moisture or oil from coming into contact with the product. Jarsking has a rich selection of droppers for different types of cosmetic products.

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Droppers act as a dispensing accessories for cosmetic products to preserve the shelf life of the serum. Unlike pipettes, a dropper has a minimalist or compact design that is fully integrated into the closure. This design preserves the aesthetic or style of your cosmetic packaging.


You can easily find the right droppers for your cosmetic products through Jarsking’s rich selection of accessories. We have a complete OEM/ODM solution for a wide range of beauty and cosmetic packagings, such as closures and secondary processing. The wide range of customization options and our expertise in the market can strengthen your marketing campaign for your cosmetic brand.

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