Lotion Pumps

Lotion pumps are suitable for highly viscous cosmetic or body care products such as lotions or soap. This enclosure protects the efficacy of the product while allowing end-users to dispense of a packaging's content. Jarsking offers a comprehensive range of lotion pumps for your cosmetic or beauty packaging.

Functional Lotion Pumps Supplier

Jarsking is a trusted lotion pump supplier due to our full range of customization options. From lockdown to cream pumps, we have the proper enclosure that suits your cosmetic brands. You can also expect a one-stop-shop service for all your packaging needs, such as bottles, tubes, jars, and customized packaging.


You have full control over the lotion pumps for your packaging, such as their size, color, material, and much more. We can adjust the pump to dispense the recommended amount each time the end user uses it. Apart from the pumps, you can also order specialized lotion bottles from Jarsking that fit your brand. Professional designers can also provide consultation and design sketches on your packaging when working with Jarsking.

Lotion Pumps