Spatulas provide a convenient way of applying and spreading cosmetic products to various parts of the body. These handy accessories also keep the end user's hand clean or avoid contamination of the packaging's content. Jarsking has a wide range of spatulas that fits your cosmetic packaging brand.

Convenient Spatulas Supplier

Spatulas are convenient accessories for applying lotions or other cosmetic products to the face or other parts of the body. The flat-headed surface ensures the lotion or liquid is properly distributed to a wide surface of the skin, which ensures most of the dirt and oil are cleansed from the body.


Jarsking has a rich selection of spatulas for cosmetic products. The spatulas we offer come in different sizes, materials, and shapes, allowing you to find one that is compatible with your cosmetic packaging. In addition, we have a rich OEM/ODM service that can complete your cosmetic packaging requirements. Jarsking can accomplish your cosmetic business requirements while staying within your budget.


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