Boxes, Bags and Supplies

Boxes, bags, or other types of packaging can further enhance the presence of your cosmetic products as well as influence the buying decisions of your target customers. Packaging can also make it easier for retailers, distributors, and other businesses to store, organize, and display your products. Jarsking offers a wide range of boxes, bags, and supplies that suits your cosmetic brand.

Brand-Building Packaging Solutions

Packaging has numerous uses and benefits for cosmetic products, such as being tamper-proof to show the lotion, gel, or liquid is untouched. Boxes and bags can also be powerful marketing tools by having an attractive exterior that will grab the attention of buyers. This packaging can also provide your potential customers with informative data on your cosmetic products to influence their purchasing decision.

Working with Jarsking provides a rich selection of boxes, bags, and another packaging that suits your cosmetic packaging. You will also have the backing of experienced designers who can assist you in choosing the right cosmetic packaging that can accomplish your branding and business goals.


All Boxes, Bags and Supplies

Folding boxes or cartons are traditional secondary packaging that makes it easy to display and organize cosmetic products on a shelf.


Hinged-lid packaging can act like jewelry or watch cases, creating a luxurious or prestigious aesthetic for cosmetic products.


Sliding packaging are boxes with small drawers, creating the aesthetic of a jewelry drawer that gives your cosmetic packaging a premium feel.

Slip-lid boxes have a transparent lid that displays your cosmetic bottles or vials to make them look as luxurious as vintage watches.


Pouches come in different forms and shapes. This type of packaging gives your cosmetic product an attention-grabbing presence.


Jarsking offers a robust packaging customization service that lets you create a box, carton, pouch, or bag that represents your cosmetic brand.


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