PLA Cosmetic Packaging

As a recyclable material made from biomass, PLA is your ideal plastic material for your cosmetic packaging needs to comply with global standards and strengthen your audience reach. Jarsking’s advanced facilities can realize any PLA plastic packaging design to suit your specifications.

How Your PLA Plastic Packaging Manufacturer Enhances Your Cosmetics Line

Made from biodegradable materials such as plant starch, PLA helps your brand comply with international standards and solidify your reputation with your customer base. PLA plastic materials packaging provides your customers with peace of mind as they have a clean, safer option for their perfume purchase.


Jarsking’s free design helps you produce diverse appearances for your line of cosmetic packaging, maximizing PLA’s flexibility and lasting structure. PLA can also be adapted to any decoration style, resulting in limitless cosmetic looks and options to entice your audience with.

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How PLA Plastic Packaging Decorations Improve Your Brand’s Prestige

Having insightful R&D experts, Jarsking always find a way to design around PLA plastic’s flexibility and clean appearance to bolster your brand’s reputation in the market. As an eco-friendly plastic, PLA plastic materials fulfill your requirements by being safe to use and easy to remake into different bottle shapes with our advanced facilities.


Jarsking possesses numerous decoration techniques that add diverse looks to your PLA packaging. These can range from the added durability given by frosting and metallization to the unique patterns found in lacquiering and silkscreening, among others.

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Many Options For PLA Cosmetic Packaging, Many Opportunities For Branding

Durable PLA Materials Maintain Your Product Line’s Integrity

Selecting the right materials helps manage your budget for packaging and make the right match compatible with your formulation. PLA plastic materials packaging is your ideal recyclable option to reduce the need for newer plastics and thus actively minimize waste accumulation. Along with being eco-friendly, PLA plastics do not reactive intensely to strong chemical formulas and can safel contain your cosmetics.


Our supply of PLA materials has been audited thoroughly to follow regulations and ensure cleanliness. Through our control over production, we manufacture our PLA packaging to take on different shapes and styles, all within affordable prices.

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Our PLA Cosmetic Packaging Displays Our Commitment To Sustainable, Eco-Feriendly Business.

While plastics take more time to degrade and can lead to greater waste accumulation, PLA plastic material is renewable, lightweight and takes twelve weeks to break down. Being made of renewable fermented plant starch, PLA uses less energy in production, thus reducing carbon emissions significantly.


By using recycled plastics constantly, we save on the amount of premium plastics used and reduce the amount of waste accumulated. This results in helping your brand gain recognition for your environmental compliance. The savings we gain from recycling also translates to increasing our potential to produce more packaging to meet tight deadlines.

Make The Most Of Our PLA Packaging’s Flexibility In Design

Designing packaging around PLA plastic materials offers boundless potential to display your brand’s creativity in the market. Jarsking identifies hot-selling features that would make your bottles more recognized by your locale. We also provide updated designs regularly to show that you keep up with market trends.


Jarsking’s design team has worked with numerous brands over the years, enabling us to coordinate with you and realize your ideas. Transforming a concept unique to your brand into a design can take only a few steps and a short amount of time courtesy of our attentive service and advanced equipment.

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