Work With China’s Leading Manufacturer of Custom Glass Vials

Our glass vials are custom-fit to contain any makeup or cosmetic product while retaining their overall quality. Combining their heavy weight and rigid structure, our glass vials do not deform in shape when exposed to any temperatures and can be held easily by your customers.


As China’s premium glass vial supplier, Jarsking produces 100 billion glass vials annually to meet global demand. We achieve this vast quota through our efficient processing of premium glass, from automated mold injection to precise craftsmanship from our expert team. Our control over production translates to faster lead times and lower costs on your end.

Glass Vials

Our Factory’s Vast Potential for Glass Vial Innovation

For your glass vials to be distinguishable in the shelf, we provide numerous customization options for our glass materials and glass vials. Decorating your glass vials enables you to have multiple color and shape options that can express your brand’s quality. Our precise shaping of our glass vials also makes the containment and dispensing of products more manageable and more convenient for your customers.


We are in close proximity to ports and raw material suppliers for glass, resulting in faster, more affordable glass choices. Our self-owned facilities enable us to conduct any customization process you require and to realize your design with the pinpoint accuracy of our automated production lines.

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Your Options in Selecting the Most Fitting Glass Vials

The Right Glass for the Best Class of Cosmetic Vials

We are not looking for any ordinary glass. Professional manufacturers require glass materials that are rigid, stable, and easy to clean. As a display of our experience as a glass vial supplier in China, Jarsking strict adheres to quality standards in selecting the right raw material sources.


Due to our glass materials’ sterile and clean composition, the bottle is non-toxic and remains stable when filled with any chemical formulation. Through our experience and R&D, we find glass materials that do not react to skincare or cosmetic products and can be an effective barrier to preventing them from deteriorating.

Cosmetic Glass Vials
OEM Glass Vials

Jarsking’s Attentive Sourcing of Eco-friendly Glass Materials.

Glass is an inherently eco-friendly material due to its permanent structure that can be easily melted and shaped into your desired product. Jarsking uses only glass from local providers to minimize costs of transportation and control quality more effectively.


Beyond our material choices, we maintain an ethos of making sustainable business through our energy-saving practices in the factory. Whether in the usage of locally-acquired glass or minimizing waste and gas emissions, reducing the use of energy in our manufacturing processes brings long-term savings, lowers product costs and encourages a closed loop system in our supply chain.

The Heart of your Brand Within Your Glass Vial Design

Dominate your peers in the market with our exciting new designs for our glass vials that inform your audience of what you have to offer. From the clean display our vials give your product, your audience can see from our designer glass vials that your brand is all about vitality and cleanliness.


Choosing designs can make a difference for a competitive brand to stay in the game. Our exprrts ease your concerns with professional advice and a wide assortment of design and customization options that can better express your brand’s vision.

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Custom Glass Vials

Multifunctional Glass Vials For Decoration and Personal Beauty

A standout cosmetics brand must provide customers with easier ways to use and store their beauty formulations safely. Often comprised of a rubber stoppers and sturdy aluminum caps, our closure systems guarantee full protection of your cosmetics from moisture and degradation through airtight sealing.


Through our efficient molding and production machinery, Jarsking introduces a diverse range of custom caps that can improve the vial locking system by focusing on customer convenience. Among our top selections include poly-cone line caps that help contain strong reagents and screw caps that ensure opening and closing vials require minimal effort.