Fine Mist Sprayers

Fine mist sprayers distribute the liquid product in a cloud of small droplets by using high pressure. This pump is suitable for specific body care or beauty products that require a wide area distribution. Jarsking offers a wide range of fine mist sprayers that are suited for specific cosmetic or beauty brands.

Handy Fine Mist Sprayers Supplier

As an economical alternative to aerosol, fine mist sprays apply high air pressure through the tubes to distribute a product as a cloud of small droplets. This sprayer applies the product to a wide area of the skin. Fine mist sprayers are also sustainable pumps since it does not contain any chemicals such as aerosol cans.


You can find the right fine mist sprayer for your cosmetic or body care products through Jarsking OEM/ODM services. We offer every service you require to create unique packaging for your brands, such as secondary processing and customized packaging. As a trusted fine mist sprayers supplier, we ensure volume orders of your cosmetic packaging pumps are completed with a short lead time.

Fine Mist Sprayers

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