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Market-oriented lotion bottles must be capable of showing your target audience how they can improve their skin and the quality of their life. You can create unique lotion bottles that represent your brand with Jarsking’s comprehensive customization service. We are a leading lotion bottles suppliers that let you choose the material, finish, decoration, function, and custom logo of your packaging to accomplish all business goals.


Jarsking’s capable design team offers a free design service on your lotion bottles to help you convey your branding in any retail space. The market research and experience we accumulated over the years will boost your lotion brand within your target market.

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Market-Researched Lotion Bottles Decoration Options

A complete customization service lets you realize your lotion bottle concept into actual and marketable packaging for your product. Jarsking has decorative options that give your lotion bottles their own recognizable identity when placed on store shelves or online retail stores, helping you create brand awareness.


Jarsking ISO-certified factories utilize precision and high-speed SMT lines, auto insertions, and auto printing lines. Every piece of equipment is manned by experienced and qualified staff, allowing us to create 25 billion plastic bottles and 100 billion glass bottles annually. Our facilities ensure your lotion bottles have an aesthetic appearance and enriching functions.

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What Makes Marketable Lotion Bottles

Well-Selected Materials

Professional lotion bottles are made of durable and certified materials that comply with international standards. At Jarsking, we source our raw materials from trusted suppliers who meet our strict requirements. Every glass, plastic, metal, and other component is carefully screened to ensure your lotion bottles are durable and can prolong the efficacy of your products.


By working with us, you are partnered with a leading lotion bottle supplier who can source the materials required for your unique packaging. The mature supply chain we nurture enables us to accomplish bulk orders of your brand-building lotion bottles even during peak periods.

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Sustainable Production

Jarsking prioritizes environmental protection through our sustainable practices, which includes sourcing our raw material from local businesses. This practice lets us cut the consumption of fuel in exporting glass, plastic, and other materials for our lotion bottles from overseas, allowing us to cut down on our carbon footprint.


Apart from protecting the environment, Jarsking also aims to protect end users by utilizing non-toxic materials. These materials are also thoroughly screened to prevent any contaminants from coming into contact with your products. We ensure your lotion bottles are food-graded to make them safe for your customers.

Lotion Bottle Designs

Lotion bottles can be a strong branding tool that can grab the attention of your target customers. With the right design, you can make people see how your lotion improves their quality of life. Jarsking has the experience and knowledge in designing lotion bottles that can become a talking point among people looking for your product.

When you need proof of how Jarsking can make a difference in your company, you can inquire about our free design services. Our experts can provide a realistic concept of your lotion bottles based on your requirements and target market. 

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Lotion Bottle Functions

Increased return business occurs by providing customers with a better user experience through your lotion bottles. Innovative features such as a lotion pump that makes it easy for end-users to dispense your product can bolster your brand awareness within your target market.

Jarsking offers a wide range of functional enclosures for your lotion bottles to make them marketable. We have actuators, flip-top caps, and other caps to add a selling point for your lotion bottles. Apart from enclosures, we can also integrate functional features into the bottle, such as a gripped texture for easy handling. Building the user experience with your lotion bottles increases customer loyalty for your brand.