Serum Pumps

Serum pumps are a closure that dispenses the product without using air, which preserves the product's efficacy as long as possible. Jarsking has an extensive range of serum pumps for specific bottles, vials, or another cosmetic packaging, allowing you to find one that fits your beauty or cosmetic brands.

Convenient Serum Pumps Supplier

Serums are a delicate formula that enhances the collage on the skin to bring back its healthy and youthful look. Due to its active ingredients, the efficacy of serums can be affected by most contagions. Serum pumps alleviate this problem by allowing end users to dispense the product without using air. This method prevents any contaminants from reaching the content of the packaging.


Jarsking’s one-stop-shop service lets you find the right serum pump for your cosmetic packaging. With our certified facilities with more than 10,000 sq.m of space and eight injection lines, we can complete serum pump bulk orders with a fast lead time.

Serum Glass Bottle