AS Cosmetic Packaging

Acrylonitrile styrene (AS) is a versatile plastic material with high thermal resistance and durable characteristics, making it suitable for nearly any beauty and cosmetic products. Jarsking offers an incredible variation of AS cosmetic packaging that can complete your business and branding goals while staying within your budget.

Reliable AS Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer

Beauty and cosmetic product packaging requires plastic materials that are resistant to chemicals or high temperatures. AS is a suitable plastic that has a high thermal tolerance and is resistant to acids, alkalis, and greases. The material also has a transparent characteristic that makes it easy to color or decorate for branding requirements.


Jarsking is a trusted AS plastic materials packaging supplier that has a mature supply chain, allowing us to complete bulk orders even during peak periods. In addition, we have eight advanced injection lines within our 10,000 sq.m. factory space for streamlined production of AS cosmetic packaging.

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Market-Focused AS Cosmetic Packaging Decoration Services

The impact of your beauty and cosmetic packaging depends on how their design properly conveys your branding message. Your packaging should show your target audience how your products can thoroughly clean their skin or improve their general well-being. The flexible AS plastic material can have a wide range of decorations and colors, allowing you to create packaging that represents your brand.


The full OEM/ODM service we offer includes a wide range of customization options for your AS cosmetic packaging. You have full control over the color, graphics, logo, text, and other aesthetics of your bottles or vials to create an AS cosmetic packaging that resonates with your target customers.

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What Makes Brand-Enriching AS Cosmetic Packaging

Top-Quality Materials of the Highest Caliber

Cosmetic packaging requires durable plastic materials that can withstand the packing process and various products. Suitable plastic must have substantial thermal tolerance and is resistant to acids, alkali, and grease to efficiently contain various beauty or cosmetic products. AS plastic meets these criteria by being capable of handling extreme temperatures and various types of chemicals. AS packaging is also easy to mold in plastic injection equipment and can have various colors or styles.


Jarsking is a trusted AS cosmetic packaging supplier that ensures a steady supply at any time of the year. Through our QC system and strict material screen process, we ensure your AS cosmetic packaging meets your expectations.

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Eco-Conscious Solutions for Sustainable Development

Protecting the environment is a crucial mission of Jarsking, which is the reason we highly recommend the use of AS plastic materials for cosmetic packaging. AS can be repurposed for various applications after completing its initial application, such as 3D printing filament. By incorporating AS cosmetic packaging into your business, you can significantly reduce landfill space usage and reduction of scarce natural resources.


Jarsking ensures all AS plastic materials we source have the proper thermal and chemical resistance for your cosmetic products. The quality of our AS cosmetic packaging is a way of encouraging businesses to apply sustainable practices to their operations, allowing you to accomplish your business goals while preserving the environment.

Marketable Concepts for Successful Products

Successful cosmetic brands are able to convey the exclusivity of their products or how these are used by the most prestige customers. With the right design, your AS cosmetic packaging shows how your products can improve your target customer’s quality of life and is a better value for their money.


The complete OEM/ODM services we offer make it possible to create AS cosmetic packaging designs that show your products as a necessity within your target market. You can also achieve unique packaging designs that would make your beauty or cosmetic products a prestigious brand for the most discerning buyers. Through our experienced designers and customization services, Jarsking can elevate your brand to new heights within your target market.

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