Art-Like Design

To increase the perceived value of your cosmetics, to showcase the excellence, the quality, the passion and the engagement they contain, is the essence of our know-how.

Do You Know the Level of Your Cosmetic Packaging?

Since 2003, Jarsking made a clear choice: to specialize in attractive cosmetic bottles. At the time, it meant offering the wide range of bottle designs. Since then, Jarsking has built all its growth on this positioning. We start our 3D demo service which completed our offering in high-end solutions to meet the growing demand of sophistication and personalization of bottles.

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Increasing the Perceived Value: From Premium to Prestige

Your product is rare or precious? You want to give visibility to its originality? You want its level of excellence to be reflected by the packaging you design? You are projecting to premiumize your product? Find some inspirations with Jarsking design updated everyday.

How Jarsking Creates Your Piece of Art

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1. Discuss Your Concept

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2. Choose Packaging Type

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3. Choose Focal Point of Design

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4. Draft the Design

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5. Create Design

Extra Tips

How to Tell A Good Cosmetic Packaging Design?

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