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The high-end positioning of your brand does not allow any compromise on quality. Jarsking has built its quality organization on a management system that is integrated, and on its many certifications with the unique goal : to guarantee you an optimal and consistent result.

Jarsking Quality

We’re Setting Up Standards of Cosmetic Packaging Bottles

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Products that are rare, precious, premium, designed using the best practices, using a unique expertise and the finest raw materials, require bottles that convey the very high level of demand and quality.

In this matter, Jarsking is regarded as a world reference for the excellence of its products and services for high-end brands of cosmetics. Every day, excellence is coupled with the continuous improvement of our quality, which is the cornerstone of the entire organization.
The quality organization is based on our integrated management system aimed at setting standards in product quality, cosmetic safety, the environment, employee safety and the continuity of our business, with an experience of more than a century. This level of expectation, in every moment, translates into continuous process control (18 steps in total), from raw materials to finish products.

Your Quality Ensured By These Testings. In Every Single One of Bottle.

Quality Control on All Jarsking Products - Closures

There are a number of key closure parameters that require close and continuous quality monitoring: bridges (torque), liners, colors / artwork, cap skirt edges and post-manufacturing handling.

Our unique Quality Control staffing structure provides Jarsking’s clients with a worry-free solution to monitoring and maintaining quality during each and every production run.

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Checking points of our Jarking team:

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