Contract Manufacturing For Brands

Contract packaging refers to the packaging and finalising of products being performed by an external service provider. Our service includes packaging production, labelling, assembly and secondary packaging of products. With our professional packaging solutions, you increase flexibility and reduce costs.

Why Choose Jarsking Contract Manufacturing of Packaging

Flexible and Scalable Production

With a huge expenditure on equipment, we are able to realize your production requirement in one place.

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Lower Cost, In the Long Run

Working with our OEM contract manufacturing services allows you to make the best use of our own investments, minimize new design fee, and still expand into new markets.


Trusted by 50,000+ Top Brands

All for Quality and Efficiency

Benefit from our professional lead: From one of China leading packaging manufacturers. With over 20 years of expertise, we produce  packaging and accessory boxes made from paper, cardboard and plastic for nearly all cosmetic sectors. Packaging solutions from standards to custom-made designs.

Our high-bay warehouse enables product-specific storage and fulfills special requirements – such as those light-sensitive bottles.

Fantastic Packaging with Jarsking Service

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