PETG Cosmetic Packaging

PETG is a sustainable material with a rigid and durable quality, which makes it suitable for various cosmetic products such as lotions and gels. Jarsking offers a wide range of PETG cosmetic packaging that comes in different sizes and enclosures. All PETG packaging we offer is certified for export in lucrative markets.

Market Oriented PETG Packaging Manufacturer

One of the most flexible materials for cosmetic products is PETG due to its stiff quality that makes it resistant to vibrations and strong impact. The material is also non-reactive and will not affect your formula’s efficacy or shelf life.


You can achieve PETG plastic materials packaging that is unique to your cosmetic or beauty brand through Jarsking’s hassle-free services. We offer a wide range of customization services for your PETG packaging, such as its material, logo, size, enclosure, and much more. With the automatized production line within our certified factory, we can complete PETG packaging bulk orders with a fast turnover. 

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Personal Care Packaging

Complete PETG Cosmetic Packaging Decoration Services

Creating PETG packaging that represents your cosmetic products comes down to its exterior appearance. Decorations such as the color, graphics, and logo allow your PETG cosmetic packaging to show potential customers the benefit of your beauty products to their health, looks, and quality of life.


Jarsking is a leading PETG packaging supplier with various decorations available. The rich OEM/ODM services we offer let you accomplish your branding goals while staying within your budget. You will also work with professional designers that have an extensive background in the beauty industry to help you find the right decoration for your PETG packaging.

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What Makes Brand Enriching PETG Cosmetic Packaging

Made with Quality Materials

The right material for beauty and cosmetic products must be rigid and durable, which creates packaging resistant to physical impact. This material must also be non-reactive while holding any formula to ensure your cosmetic products have an extensive shelf life.


Polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) is a suitable material for cosmetic packaging due to its superior strength as well as its resistance to UV rays, moisture, and certain chemicals. Jarsking is a leading PETG cosmetic packaging supplier that ensures a steady supply of this high-grade material. We also have a strict screening process for raw materials to ensure your PETG cosmetic packaging complies with global industry standards.

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Reusable Bottle Solution

Jarsking is an advocate of sustainable materials to help reduce the global carbon footprint and use of scarce resources. PETG’s strength, as well as its resistance to heat and chemicals, makes the material reusable for other applications.


Polystyrene is a highly recyclable material that can be repurposed for other applications. Using PS packaging for your brand can help bring down the use of limited resources such as cardboard and reduce landfill space usage. On top of being sustainable, PETG cosmetic packaging is highly versatile for any cosmetic lotion, gel, or soap products since the material does non-reactive.

OEM/ODM Packaging

Creating an impact in your target market is not just having an attractive design. Your PETG cosmetic packaging must convey how your products will make an impact on your potential buyers. It should have the colors, logo, and messaging that says, “this cream/lotion/gel will improve your quality of life.”


At Jarsking, we have a comprehensive OEM/ODM solution for your PETG cosmetic packaging. We have advanced engraving, stamping, mold injection, and other production equipment that lets you create unique PETG packaging for your cosmetic brand. Jarsking professional designers will also assist you in each step to create a PETG packaging style that resonates with your target buyers.

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