PS Cosmetic Packaging

PS cosmetic packaging is a durable jar, bottle, or vial that is compatible with nearly any beauty or cosmetic formula. PS is also a safe and sustainable material for cosmetic and beauty products. Jarsking complete customization services and experienced staff will help you find PS cosmetic packaging that satisfies your business requirements and accomplish your branding goals.

Business-Enriching PS Packaging Manufacturer

PS cosmetic packaging is a versatile solution for different beauty and cosmetic products. The durability of PS plastic materials packaging makes them suitable for traveling or on-the-go-sized bottles. This packaging can also have various designs and styles to convey any business’ product branding.


Jarsking’s rich selection of materials, colors, sizes, decorations, and parts allows you to create PS packaging that suits your product. You will also receive a free design service from our experienced team, who is capable of finding the right PS plastic materials packaging that resonates with your target market.

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Full PS Cosmetic Packaging Decoration Solution

The design of your PS beauty and cosmetic packaging determines its standing in your target market. Having the right style and branding comes down to choosing the color, design, graphics, and other decorative options for your PS cosmetic packaging.


Jarsking has a robust customization service that will build PS cosmetic packaging that will promote your brand. The diverse OEM/ODM solution we offer is backed by innovative printing, molding, stamping, and engraving machinery that can accurately integrate your branding onto your PS cosmetic packaging. We also have experienced engineers who can assist you in finding the right decorative solution that fits your PS cosmetic packaging brand.

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What Makes Marketable PS Cosmetic Packaging

Quality PS Plastic Materials

A proper material for beauty or cosmetic packaging must be able to protect its content from contaminants and is resistant to physical damage. Polystyrene (PS) accomplishes this requirement with its stiff and rigid quality. In addition, PS is a versatile and economical material that can be used for any beauty or cosmetic products.


Jarsking can source premium PS material for your packaging at any time of the year, even during peak season. Each material is properly screened to ensure your PS cosmetic packaging meets your standards in regard to durability and its capabilities to preserve the efficacy of your product.  

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27.PS Cosmetic Packaging

Recyclable Solutions

Polystyrene is a highly recyclable material that can be repurposed for other applications. Using PS packaging for your brand can help bring down the use of limited resources such as cardboard and reduce landfill space usage.


Jarsking is an advocate of sustainable resources for cosmetic and beauty packaging, such as Glass and PS. We always source our materials from trusted suppliers who meet our standards in quality polystyrene to encourage our clients to use sustainable resources. Our strict standards ensure your PS cosmetic packaging meets your business requirements while protecting the environment.

Attention-Grabbing Designs

The design of your PS cosmetic packaging will determine your branding’s impact on your target market. Apart from having an attention-grabbing design, the style and aesthetic of your PS cosmetic packaging need to convey your branding message. This message can be as simple and powerful as “our beauty product will improve your health and quality of life.”


Jarsking can help you create PS packaging that can bolster your beauty and cosmetic product presence in the physical or online retail space. We offer a wide range of customization options, such as frosting, engraving, and accessories for PS cosmetic packaging. You will also work with professional designers who have an extensive backgrounds in the cosmetic industry.

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