Pouches Packaging

Pouch packaging are lightweight and effective in storing any cosmetics or materials through their flexible plastic structure and tight sealing. With our one-stop facilities, we produce numerous pouch packaging options to align with your cosmetic applications and regional requirements.

Providing Eyecatching Pouches Packaging Options As Your Reliable Chinese Supplier’

Pouch packaging remains a low-cost solution for any brand to contain cosmetics and apply them for long-time storage. We show our versatility by manufacturing retort, 3-sided, spouted, zipper and stand-up pouch packaging that have transparent surfaces for better product presentation and branding.


As your pouch packaging supplier, we produce a variety of laminated pouch packaging from PE and other eco-friendly and food-safe plastics. Using heat sealing or adhesive bonding techniques, our advanced machinery line produces pouch packaging that are tightly sealed and at large volumes to meet demands.

Pouches Packaging