Disc Caps

Preferred for their ease of use and simplistic design, disc caps are unique for having a push-up hinged disc and a tube-like orifice that acts as a secure lid and controls pouring. With our strong manufacturing capabilities and efficient production standards, Jarsking can quickly fulfill your needs for affordable disc caps.

We’re the Disc Caps Supplier Your Brand Needs to Succeed

Disc caps provide a simple yet effective means of sealing containers and preserving the contents from contamination and spilling. The calibrated design of these disc caps ensures airtight sealing, perfect for liquid and viscous formulations. It also has a finger pad that reveals a hole where the container’s contents can be poured out for application.


Jarsking is a seasoned disc cap closure supplier that offers a diverse line of disc caps to fulfill your business’s packaging needs. We have a large inventory of disc caps ready for shipping and can create bespoke disc cap designs for your brand.

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