Plastic Cover Disc Top Cap Supplier

Disc-caps can be manufactured in a variety of colors, making them a versatile option for branding and product differentiation. And they are widely used in the packaging industry.


Size: Customized size available
Color: Black,white or Customized
Material: PP
Shape: Round
Moq: 10000
Outer packing: Standard export carton packing

One-Stop Customization

Custom disc-caps are a type of closure that can be designed and manufactured according to the specific needs and requirements of a particular product or brand. This customization can include various aspects such as the size, shape, color, material, and branding of the disc-cap.Besides, we also provide one-stop packaging service. The series packaging may include bottles, jars, tubes, and other types of containers, as well as caps, pumps, and other accessories that are used to dispense or apply the products.

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Add A Luxurious Touch to Your Brand

Disc-caps consist of a disc-shaped plastic cap that fits over the opening of a bottle or container, and can be opened by pressing down on one side of the disc to create an opening.Disc-caps are popular for use with personal care products, such as shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, as well as for household cleaning products, such as liquid soap and detergent.

Series Packaging

Series packaging is a popular choice for brands that want to create a cohesive product line with a consistent look and feel, while also providing practical benefits for both the brand and the consumer.A brand may offer a range of products that use the same type.By using the same type of disc-cap closure across these products, the brand can create a cohesive and recognizable product line that is easy for consumers to identify and use.

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