10ml Empty Small Sample Perfume Glass Bottle with Spray

Indulge in the world of luxury fragrances with the 10ml Empty Small Sample Perfume Glass Bottle with Spray by Jarsking. These meticulously crafted glass bottles are designed to cater to the discerning needs of perfume lovers and professionals seeking the perfect vessel to showcase their signature scents. With a convenient spray mechanism and a compact size, these bottles offer a seamless and stylish solution for storing and sampling fragrances.


NameSmall Concentrate Jar with Black Child Proof Cap
Capacity3 grams 5 grams 7 grams 9 grams
Colortransparent or customized
Bottle CapBlack Kids Proof Cap
Outer packingstandard export carton packing
Surface treatmentsilk screen, frosted, electroplating, spray color, bronzing


Capacity: 10ml and custom size

Material: High quality glass

Color: Transoarent or any pantone colors

Shape: Round

MOQ: 10000

Outer packaging: Plastic bags + carton boxes+tray fixed or according to your requirements.

Surface treatment: Silk screen,hot stamp,heat transffer label,frosted,electroplating,spray color,spray gradient

One-Stop Customization

With Jarsking’s one-stop customization services, you have the power to create perfume packaging that sets your brand apart. From endless design possibilities to premium materials and quality craftsmanship, we provide the expertise and attention to detail needed to bring your vision to life. Stand out in the perfume market with unique, personalized packaging that captures the essence of your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Trust Jarsking to be your partner in creating an unforgettable fragrance experience.

Glass vial J009.8
Glass vial J009.10
Glass vial J009.2

Add A Luxurious Touch to Your Brand

Your brand deserves packaging that reflects its unique identity. With Jarsking’s custom perfume packaging solutions, you have the opportunity to tailor every detail to align with your brand image. From selecting specific bottle shapes and sizes to incorporating custom colors, textures, and finishes, we work closely with you to create packaging that captures the essence of your brand. Stand out in the market and create a cohesive brand experience from packaging to fragrance.

Series Packaging

Consistency and coherence are key elements in building a strong brand identity. Jarsking understands the importance of series packaging for perfumes, where each product complements the others while maintaining its unique character. With our series packaging solutions, you can create a cohesive brand experience that captures the attention of customers and sets your brand apart. From design elements to branding, Jarsking’s custom packaging options will unify your product line and leave a lasting impression.

Glass vial J009.6
Glass vial J009.3