Creative Body Scrub Packaging Ideas for Your Brand


Imagine you’re walking down an aisle full of beauty products, but one body scrub catches your eye. Why? It’s all about the packaging! Research indicates that approximately 70% of consumers base their initial impression of a brand exclusively on its packaging (MarketingProfs, 2021). This is crucial for body care brands aiming to stand out in a crowded market. A unique package does more than protect its products, it tells a story, creates an experience, and might even end up on a customer’s Instagram, becoming free advertising for your brand. In the world of body scrubs, where competition is fierce, the right packaging, such as using great packaging techniques, can make your product the star of the shelf.

Whether you’re a startup or looking to refresh your brand, innovative packaging is your secret weapon to catch the eye, charm the senses, and win the hearts of your customers. Let’s dive into some creative packaging ideas that can turn your body scrub into the next hot product!

Glass Screw-Top Jars

Body Butter Jars 04

Benefits of Glass Jars in Packaging

Glass screw-top jars intuitively convey a premium look and texture of the product, increasing the customer’s perceived value of the product. They’re not only aesthetically pleasing but also reusable and eco-friendly, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. Glass jars for body scrubs ensure that natural body scrubs are stored in airtight containers, preserving their freshness and efficacy. In particular, amber glass bottles are ideal for storing materials that are sensitive to light reduction.

Creative Branding on Glass Jars

Labeling and etching techniques allow for creative branding on glass jars, offering a means to show logos, brand messages, and usage instructions. It is not difficult to obtain this technology, just find a glass bottle wholesale company that provides this service and customize your brand of jars. Incorporating sustainability into your design not only involves the choice of materials but also the promotion of reuse and recycling. For instance, elegantly designed jars can be repurposed by consumers, like can be used as a candy or cookie jar, or store other volatile supplies, are a good choice. Extending the brand’s presence in their homes.

Stand Up Pouches

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Advantages of Using Stand Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches offer a transformative solution in packaging, combining efficiency with sustainability. They ensure products like body scrubs and bath salts remain fresh longer, thanks to their airtight seals which protect against moisture, oxygen, and odors. This packaging is not only lightweight, reducing shipping costs and environmental impact, but also uses up to 75% less material than traditional rigid containers. Additionally, stand-up pouches are customizable, offering brands a canvas to showcase their identity and connect with consumers effectively.

Design Tips for Stand Up Pouches

For rightful stand-up pouch designs, The use of bright colors, unique patterns, or simple styles can reflect a different brand spirit. In addition, material selection is crucial, PET plastic is popular for its durability and clear display, while eco-conscious brands might prefer biodegradable options. This can be used as a selling point for scrubs that incorporate real natural plants in fully transparent packaging, which concept of environmental friendliness extends from the product itself to the packaging. Ultimately, the right design not only captures attention but also communicates brand values and commitment to quality.

Squeeze Tube Packaging

Plastic Tube J002 1.11

Advantages of Squeeze Tubes

Squeeze tube packaging makes getting every scrub out easy and efficient, convenient for body care routines. Its soft material and durable design ensure it keeps its shape, making it ideal for out-carry. This packaging type not only reduces waste by letting users easily get all the products, even the last gram, but also has the added advantage of being easy to use with a scrubber. This makes it suitable for those consumers who need to prepare for their travels.

Designing Attractive Squeeze Tubes

The material selection for squeeze tubes is vast, with options ranging from flexible plastics to aluminum, each offering different benefits in terms of sustainability and recyclability. For brands aiming to appeal to a younger, trendier demographic, incorporating vibrant colors, unique patterns, or even holographic elements can be particularly effective. In addition, squeeze tubes can be made in any color. Just like many mobile phone apps now, to avoid icon color collision, they will design their unique color application to increase the uniqueness and influence of the app on the icon. So if your brand has its unique color, you can apply it to squeeze tubes.

Plastic Bail Jar

PP square jars

Why Choose Plastic Bail Jars?

Plastic bail jars stand out for their variety in shapes and sizes, fitting a broad range of body care products. Unlike glass, they offer a lightweight and break-resistant advantage, making them user-friendly and reducing the risk of damage during use or transit. For some of the most affordable and high-gram-weight scrub brands, plastic is a great choice. Although plastic jars are not the first choice for preserving, their practical benefits in terms of durability and versatility cannot be ignored, making them a reliable packaging option.

Customizing Your Plastic Bail Jars

Are you worried that plastic packaging is too simple to make your product stand out on the shelf? Of course not! Innovative labeling and a selection of colors can transform the simple plastic bail jar into a standout packaging option. Brands have the opportunity to enhance the user experience through ergonomic designs that make the product easy to use and dispense. When designing the packaging of the jar, you can choose matte, glossy, or textured finishes, and different textures will also affect customer perception and satisfaction. Here is a tip, the vast majority of skin care products that choose plastic packaging now choose to affix paper packaging on the surface of the container to introduce their products, which is a cost-saving choice.

Tin Can Packaging

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Benefits of Tin Can Packaging

Tin can packaging offers a classic aesthetic with a modern twist, appealing to both traditionalists and those looking for something different. This kind of packaging often appears in the industry with a rich history of time-honored enterprises. The retro appearance contains the infinite charm of the old enterprise, and its unique color also caters to a current popular trend – Normcore. So this style of packaging is also more attractive to men. Tin cans protect against light and air, preserving the quality and integrity of the body scrub inside.

Branding and Customization of Tin Cans

Innovative printing techniques, such as digital or offset printing, allow for detailed and vibrant designs on tin cans. Using shapes, embossing, and debossing can further make the product more three-dimensional, and increase the customer’s visual and tactile experience. Of course, you can also choose paper product descriptions like plastic packaging, such as red or green paper product descriptions, and the color of the tin can itself colliding with bright colors is also an extreme aesthetic.

Individual Packaging in Block/Bag

Boxes, Bags & Supplies

The Appeal of Individual Packaging

Individual packaging for body scrubs combines portability with practicality, making it incredibly convenient to carry. Each unit is designed for a single use, ensuring accurate control of each dosage. Individual packaging is perfect for travel or as a thoughtful present, several independent packaging pieces together into a delicate gift box, if your brand is focused on the gift crowd, then independent packaging is for you. Moreover, this packaging is suitable for sample sizes. For instance, some brands will package their products into independent individual packages, and package independent trial packages as giveaways to customers when selling other flagship products. This allows guests to experience our products for free, and it is also a very intelligent marketing tool to attract customers to buy in this way.

Design Considerations for Individual Packs

When it comes to individual packs, creative presentation and branding are key. The packaging should not only protect and preserve the product but also convey the brand’s message and values. The outer packaging is important, but the uniqueness of the independent packaging can not be ignored, and the elements that can represent your brand must be designed on the independent packaging so that people can know that this is your brand immediately when they see the small one. To avoid the loss of brand impression when the independent packaging is far away from the outer box.


The journey towards finding the perfect packaging for your body scrub brand is both a challenge and an opportunity. The innovative ideas presented here—from glass jars and stand-up pouches to squeeze tubes and tin cans—offer some ideas for brands looking to make a significant impact. Experimentation and creativity in packaging design can elevate your brand, resonate with consumers, and lead to lasting success. Embrace these ideas, and let your packaging tell the story of your brand in a way that captivates and delights your audience.

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