Soap Hand Wash Foaming Pump

Deep spiral bottle mouth,secure silicon pad and tight cap closure to effectively avoid liquid oozing,no clogging and shaking.


Size: Customized size available
Color: Black,white or Customized
Material: Plastic
Moq: 10000
Outer packing: Standard export carton packing

One-Stop Customization

Start by defining your specific requirements for the custom bottle foamers, including the type of liquid product, bottle size, and desired foaming rate. Besides, we also provide one-stop packaging service. The series packaging may include bottles, jars, tubes, and other types of containers, as well as caps, pumps, and other accessories that are used to dispense or apply the products.

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Add A Luxurious Touch to Your Brand

Featured with innovative sprayer design,wide ergonomic curved finger space to pump evenly and squeeze easily,quality spring-loaded button to make sure these small spray bottle a long lasting lifetime.Can use for face, hair, plant and home cleaning. Can add essence, toners, essential oils, perfume and other liquid cosmetics. Large opening to easily refill liquid spray mist shape water,meet the requirement of personal care and family life

Series Packaging

Series packaging is a popular choice for brands that want to create a cohesive product line with a consistent look and feel, while also providing practical benefits for both the brand and the consumer.A brand may offer a range of products that use the same type.By using the same type of disc-cap closure across these products, the brand can create a cohesive and recognizable product line that is easy for consumers to identify and use.

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