Plastic Lotion Squeeze Tube Packaging Manufacturer

Plastic lotion tubes are a popular choice for hand cream, sun screen and facial cleanser, because they are lightweight and easy to carry.


Capacity: 20ml/30ml/50ml/100ml/120ml/150ml/custom

Material: PE/custom

Color: Black blue pink/Custom

Shape: Round/square/oval/custom

Bottle Cap: Screwing cap,flip top cap,shiny coating cap/custom

MOQ: 10000

Outer packaging:Standard export carton packing

Surface treatment:Silk screen printing/Hot stamping/Labeling/Plating/Paint Spraying/Frosting/Embossed Printing/custom

One-Stop Customization

Plastic skincare tubes can be designed in a variety of color, sizes and shapes to suit different products and preferences. This allows companies to create packaging that is tailored to their specific needs and target audience. One-stop service providers can offer a range of customization options to help companies create the perfect packaging for their products.

Plastic Tube J002 2.6
Plastic Tube J002 2.2
Cosmetic Tubes Packaging

Add A Luxurious Touch to Your Brand

One of the biggest advantages of plastic skincare tubes is their ability to precisely dispense skincare products with a simple squeeze. This allows for easy application and control over the amount of product used. Additionally, plastic tubes are lightweight and portable, making them a convenient packaging option for on-the-go use.

Series Packaging

We aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution to create a range of products under their brand. Our plastic tubes can be customised in colour, volume and shape to suit each product, offering unparalleled flexibility. Kitted packaging adds a touch of sophistication and glamour, attracting and retaining customers while reinforcing brand identity.

Plastic Tube J002 2.11
Plastic Tube J002 2.12
Plastic Tube J002 1.10

Squeeze Tubes Application Market

Squeeze tubes are widely used in the cosmetics industry for packaging various products. They provide precise and controlled dispensing, making them ideal for foundations, concealers, lip products, and more. Squeeze tubes are popular due to their convenience, hygiene, and accurate application. They are commonly used for cosmetics like creams, lotions, primers, and sunscreens. With their versatility and controlled dispensing, squeeze tubes are favored by both consumers and professionals in the beauty industry.