Pink Matte Empty Lip Gloss Tube

The brush head of our plastic lip gloss tube packaging is bristle-free for a smooth and even application, making it user-friendly and mess-free.


NameSmall Concentrate Jar with Black Child Proof Cap
Capacity3 grams 5 grams 7 grams 9 grams
Colortransparent or customized
Bottle CapBlack Kids Proof Cap
Outer packingstandard export carton packing
Surface treatmentsilk screen, frosted, electroplating, spray color, bronzing


Capacity: 3ml/5ml/6ml/8ml/10ml/custom

Material: PP/AS/Acrylic/custom

Color: Custom

Shape: Round/square/oval/custom

Bottle Cap: Screwing cap/custom

MOQ: 10000

Outer packaging:Standard export carton packing

Surface treatment:Silk screen printing/Hot stamping/Labeling/Plating/Paint Spraying/Frosting/Embossed Printing/custom

One-Stop Customization

With our customizable plastic lip gloss tube packaging, customers have the freedom to choose their desired color, shape, material, and accessories. This allows them to create packaging that aligns with their brand’s identity and vision, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

Lip Gloss Tube J003 2.6
Lip Gloss Tube J003 2.4
Lip Gloss Tube J003 2.3

Add A Luxurious Touch to Your Brand

Plastic lip gloss and mascara tubes are versatile and customizable, offering practical and stylish packaging options for cosmetics. Their compact size makes them easy to travel with, and customizable branding options provide opportunities for effective product promotion. With their leak-proof design and seal, they keep their contents fresh and prevent spills. Perfect for lip gloss, mascara and other cosmetics, these tubes offer convenience and functionality in one package.

Series Packaging

Our customizable service allows you to create packaging that fits your cosmetic products, choosing from a variety of brush heads, volumes and bottle shapes to match different products to create a set that perfectly matches your product requirements. Enjoy the benefits of having packaging designed specifically for your brand and products, including improved product application, greater brand recognition, and increased customer satisfaction. Create a cohesive and personalized packaging solution that will set your cosmetics apart from the competition.

Lip Gloss Tube J003 2.8
Lip Gloss Tube J003 2.1
Lip Gloss Tube J003 2.7
Lip Gloss Tube J003 2.5
Lip Gloss Tube J003 2.1