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PET plastic bottles have excellent moisture resistance and barrier properties, keeping our skincare and cosmetic kits safe and fresher for longer.


NameSmall Concentrate Jar with Black Child Proof Cap
Capacity3 grams 5 grams 7 grams 9 grams
Colortransparent or customized
Bottle CapBlack Kids Proof Cap
Outer packingstandard export carton packing
Surface treatmentsilk screen, frosted, electroplating, spray color, bronzing


Capacity: 300ml/custom

Material: PET/custom

Color: Pink/White/Green/Black/Orange/Purple/Custom

Shape: Round/custom

Bottle Cap: Pump Cap/Tamper-Evident Cap/custom

MOQ: 10000

Outer packaging: Standard export carton packing

Surface treatment: Silk screen printing/Hot stamping/Labeling/Plating/Paint Spraying/Frosting/Embossed Printing/custom

One-Stop Customization

Make your product packaging truly your own with our customization options! Use your brand’s signature colors to stand out from the crowd of competitors. Explore unique shapes and sizes to create packaging that reflects the essence of your brand. Choose sustainable materials that match your environmental values. We offer one-stop customization and service to save you time and money.

PET Cosmetic Packaging J005 3.9
PET Cosmetic Packaging J005 3.4
PET Cosmetic Packaging J005 3.2

Add A Luxurious Touch to Your Brand

The versatility of PET plastic allows it to be made in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, offering endless possibilities for creating unique and eye-catching packaging. Choose from a variety of colors, including translucent, opaque or custom colors to reflect your brand’s personality. the lightweight and eco-friendly nature of PET plastic makes it ideal for all types of skin care products, including serums, creams, face masks and more.

Series Packaging

We specialize in providing customized PET plastic packaging services for brands, including packaging customization for multiple products of one brand to meet your different product grouping needs. Whether it’s cosmetics, skin care or personal care products, we can design packaging for multiple products to maintain a consistent brand identity and design style, making your products unique in the marketplace.

PET Cosmetic Packaging J005 3.3
PET Cosmetic Packaging J005 3.6
PET Cosmetic Packaging J005 3.7
PET Cosmetic Packaging J005 3.8
PET Cosmetic Packaging J005 3.10